Splendid for Business, Real Estates and Estates Management (#88/100)

Side by side, employers and TAKK

While writing, the last visitors of Splendid Jobs for Business, Real Estates and Estates Management have left the building in Nirva. The day was a buzzling busy day with so many employers of the sector. Just to name a few, Lassila & Tikanoja was there, Suomen Telecenter Oy, Kiinteistömaailma Klingendahl and Opset Oy. As the last time, the event was organised by TAKK and Pirkanmaa TE Services.

Remembering the model from the first and second blogs this year about Splendid Jobs, these are events for the three to meet: the jobseekers or students, the employers of the sector and us, the education providers.

When the three are together, competence questions are solved right away.

Big Ears for Customers of VET (#85/100)

Big ears for customers – TAKK’s Education Manager Rosa Hyvönen

M. Hannula of Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK) and M. Lahtinen of Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce pointed out in their blog (Nov 2nd 2017) that companies with their jobs will be as real customers of Finnish VET as the students are with the reform of education in force on the 1st of January 2018.

Naturally, the reform will bring about many changes and chances: fewer qualifications with more variablity, individual study paths and less regulations. All welcome. The need for our trainers to be even more on the foot, is understood, but the reality may be a bit different. How to guarantee the real-time coaching of all of our students in one week on the foot with the given resources? How to make a shift from trainer to coach, which is but a methodological change, also a change in operation culture. Where is our focus as trainers or coaches? On the students? Or on the employers? Continue reading

Top Trainer of Household Services (#81/100)

TAKK’s top trainer Sanna Salminen – congratulations!

We are so very proud of our trainer, Sanna Salminen, to receive the award ”Trainer of the Year in Household Services” from Suomen kotityöpalveluyhdistys ry in Mikkeli on the 11th of October. Salminen is a multitalented and experienced trainer in the sector and gets high quality feedback on her customer service – thus certainly earning the title. Continue reading

Awarded for Institutional Cleaning (#72/100)

Thank you – happy award winners, Eija Järvilahti, Armi Hyvönen and Maria-Liisa Korolainen

TAKK got the Company of the Year 2017 in Sanitation and Cleaning Award (free translation). Extremely proud we are, about the award that has traditionally been given to companies in the sector. This year, Puhtaustieto Oy and Siivoustaito gave the award for TAKK, first educational institution to receive it. The efforts we in TAKK have put to high level, modern and pervasive education in institutional cleaning, are noted.

Thank you. Continue reading

TAKKCareerBooster in Technopolis on Tuesday (#71/100)

Boost your career!

Tomorrow is an interesting, social and visionary day. TAKKCareerBooster (Erasmus+ project) team is present in Pirkanmaan vientipäivä, in Technopolis, Tampere. This is a case, of all those days, when we combine forces across the organisations – this time between Tampere Chamber of Commerce (TCC) and Tampere Adult Education Centre (TAKK). TAKKCareerBooster is a project, that takes both TCC and TAKK staff members to Europe. Tuesday is the day when we start promoting the European periods to TCC members.

The basic idea of TAKKCareerBooster project is to develop competence in different European countries, directly in the workplaces during on-the-job periods. The participants of the periods look for new ideas, concepts, methodologies and skills. The participants can go to these periods on their own or as pairs of two people, one from TAKK and one from a TCC member organisation. We prefer the twosome trips, as the learning across the organisations is so much more effective than learning one-by-one. Learning across here simply refers to exchanging ideas between the two people, discussing the experience and learning from each other – learning together.

Support for the Recognition of the Learning Disabilities (#56/100)

by Riikka Lamminen, TAKK

Support for Learning Disabilities

Noheva (ESF) project development targets include more effective recognition of the learning disabilities and developing better basic skills for learning. Noheva team has developed a lighter tool of the NMI Reading and Mathematics Test for recognising the learning disabilities. The goal is to recognise and identify the students who need a more detailed testing of the learning disabilities in the very early phases of their studies and support thoughout their studies. Continue reading

Partners in Business – Broman Group and TAKK (#45/100)

There is no TAKK without work – that’s what I often say. It is such a relevant part of our character, the work and the workplaces, that the topic deserves a little blog. Especially today with the great news of us in TAKK committing to a partnership with Broman Group on training repair shops and parts salespersons.

Great Partnership with Broman Group Oy

Work is not a separate part of the studies in Finnish VET. Work is the reason why we study and train. Naturally, people love to learn many things and there is now greater thing than a practical theory in my opinion, but for the grown-ups and already for the children, it is important to understand WHY and WHAT FOR. We all want to be needed, we want to be skillful and we want to know our business. Continue reading

Looking Young, Working Young (#35/100)

You know how appearances are all that matters when you’re young. At least in my household, the teenager takes possession of the mirror all morning, leaving mommy get to work pretty exploded…

But: Let’s see about this event: NUORILLE TÖITÄ – WORK FOR THE YOUNG ONES. Tomorrow! In Tullikamari Pakkahuone, one of the fanciest clubs in Tampere.

Work for the Young Ones!


Continue reading

Responsible Customer Advisor – Best Customer Service (#31/100)

Keeping customers happy

In every organisation, the office porter, ”expeditionsvakt” in Swedish and ”virastomestari” in Finnish, is a man or a woman of multiple roles. Even the title says it all in many different ways: gatekeeper (portier, gardien in French), the one who leads or organises, the ”office champion”. Which they most often are. TAKK’s Mr Juha Hämäläinen certainly is one – with the title Responsible Customer Advisor.

Mr Hämäläinen’s or Juha’s – as we call him – task list is long and variable every day. Receiving people, guiding and advising customers, answering the phone, checking the security monitors, digging out information, assisting all sector staff members, IT tasks of all sort, positions of responsibility, scanning of bills and taking care of all mobile phones and connections in TAKK. Continue reading