Splendid Machine Technology Jobs (#23/100)

Do you remember the Splendid Jobs of #3/100? Well, this time Machine technology took over the estrade in Nirva Campus. The day was a success, as there were great employers present: fancy names such as Agco Power, Ata Gears, Kumera Machinery, Metso Minerals, Purso and Sandvik Mining and Construction. What struck me best was the busy hours of presenting and advising the hundreds of candidates. The air was as thick as the densest metal: you could touch the sparkle and fire. Of course, the so needed hot coffees and sausages warmed up the atmosphere.

Blooms of Steel

Spring turns the technology education business into bloom

The good news: machinery and metal technology sector shows signs of clear revival, after so many years and the companies are recruiting again. So this is the news, but what the blogger was most excited to see in this Splendid Jobs event, was that the tension of the organisers not knowing who will show up, turned into a buzzling afternoon of constant talk and planning. I am sure the machines of TAKK will sing louder songs of iron and steel in the months to come. There is no irony to this, just pure iron.

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