Breath of Fall Season in Finland (#77/100)

Enjoy the fall season

All the yellows, oranges, browns and reds of the trees and bushes are now in the air and on the ground. It most definitely is the fall season in Finland and people are busy with fall gardening and new hobbies. This is the week of relaxation, fall holiday for the school children and time to see the friends and the family. Of course not all Finland is down. We say ” tsemppiä” (fighting spirit) to those who work this week. Continue reading


Advisory Boards and TAKK – Case Well-being (#76/100)

Managers of TAKK in the meeting

The year is getting closer to the end and we have not had the chance to touch even half of the partner types we play with! Let’s tackle one of them today. Advisory board (neuvottelukunta) is the theme of this blog.

Advisory boards in general are bodies that give – as the name goes – advice to the organisations in question. They are by character informal, flexible and therefore influential, yet less authoritative and no way decisive. Sound too good to be true, but that’s what they are. Wise thoughts, concerns and opinions over a one big table together. The advisory boards are very important to convey messages and to plan for the future. Continue reading

Certificated Worklife – Certainly! (#75/100)

Certificates for Every Profession

A few years ago I heard someone (frustrated) person say: – Finland is a paper country. Paper, paper, paper. Everybody needs a paper.” Well ain’t that the truth, also in my opinion. We in TAKK also claim that Finnish VET is a combination of security, sustainability, creativity, innovation and professional competence. Well, what is this secure, sustainable, innovative professional competence certified with? Continue reading

Week of Well-being (#74/100)

Well-being flows in TAKK

by Ulla Virtanen, TAKK

Have yourself a very merry and healthy week, if you are a student of TAKK, as all next week we offer porridge, butter, jam, milk or juice with only one (1) euro every morning. Get yourself some health advice and figures with our student health care or find yourself a sports hobby with partners like Elixia. Talk to the Outreach Work (Etsivä työ) team about all the things that may bother you in your serach for the job or study of your lifetime. It’s the Student Well-being Week in TAKK. It’s your week.

More than the sessions offered next week, take a moment to think through, what is well-being to you every day? Is it a tranquil breakfast? Is it a good run in the evening? Is it a nice chat about the day with your children? Or is it time enough to finish up a job – one at a time.

Nobody takes better care of you than you do. Please, do it well.

European Day of Languages IS a Celebration (#73/100)

Languages skills help in crossroads

by Ulla Virtanen, TAKK

The European Day of Languages (EDL is a Council of Europe Initiative since 2001 on 26 September) is a chance for us in TAKK to review, where and how are the languages among us? Let’s take a look at the situation in 2017. Continue reading

Awarded for Institutional Cleaning (#72/100)

Thank you – happy award winners, Eija Järvilahti, Armi Hyvönen and Maria-Liisa Korolainen

TAKK got the Company of the Year 2017 in Sanitation and Cleaning Award (free translation). Extremely proud we are, about the award that has traditionally been given to companies in the sector. This year, Puhtaustieto Oy and Siivoustaito gave the award for TAKK, first educational institution to receive it. The efforts we in TAKK have put to high level, modern and pervasive education in institutional cleaning, are noted.

Thank you. Continue reading

TAKKCareerBooster in Technopolis on Tuesday (#71/100)

Boost your career!

Tomorrow is an interesting, social and visionary day. TAKKCareerBooster (Erasmus+ project) team is present in Pirkanmaan vientipäivä, in Technopolis, Tampere. This is a case, of all those days, when we combine forces across the organisations – this time between Tampere Chamber of Commerce (TCC) and Tampere Adult Education Centre (TAKK). TAKKCareerBooster is a project, that takes both TCC and TAKK staff members to Europe. Tuesday is the day when we start promoting the European periods to TCC members.

The basic idea of TAKKCareerBooster project is to develop competence in different European countries, directly in the workplaces during on-the-job periods. The participants of the periods look for new ideas, concepts, methodologies and skills. The participants can go to these periods on their own or as pairs of two people, one from TAKK and one from a TCC member organisation. We prefer the twosome trips, as the learning across the organisations is so much more effective than learning one-by-one. Learning across here simply refers to exchanging ideas between the two people, discussing the experience and learning from each other – learning together.