Responsible Customer Advisor – Best Customer Service (#31/100)

Keeping customers happy

In every organisation, the office porter, ”expeditionsvakt” in Swedish and ”virastomestari” in Finnish, is a man or a woman of multiple roles. Even the title says it all in many different ways: gatekeeper (portier, gardien in French), the one who leads or organises, the ”office champion”. Which they most often are. TAKK’s Mr Juha Hämäläinen certainly is one – with the title Responsible Customer Advisor.

Mr Hämäläinen’s or Juha’s – as we call him – task list is long and variable every day. Receiving people, guiding and advising customers, answering the phone, checking the security monitors, digging out information, assisting all sector staff members, IT tasks of all sort, positions of responsibility, scanning of bills and taking care of all mobile phones and connections in TAKK.

There are many factors that are important and actually matters of heart to our Juha. Making sure the customers reach their goal/classroom/contact person at the first time. Calming down the customers who may have gone to the wrong campus and sorting out how to get them to their final destination, happy and safe. Trying to turn the mistakes into solutions with smily faces on both sides. Serving the customers with one stop shop principle – ever so important.

There are also many competences that this task demands. The most important ones are coping with stress and organisation skills throughout the never similar working days and serving every customer with distinctive and delicate touch, to keep the customers content. Juha is very happy to notice that TAKK management thinks highly of good customer service and appreciates the efforts to be the best customer servant ever. In fact, Juha tells me, it was wonderful to hear a colleague comment and advertise him to an outsider trainer as the Best Customer Servant in Finland!

PS. Funny things happen, here’s one story. One day, a man came to the info desk, saying he was Juha Hämäläinen. Amused, Juha replied: So am I.

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