Partners in Business – Broman Group and TAKK (#45/100)

There is no TAKK without work – that’s what I often say. It is such a relevant part of our character, the work and the workplaces, that the topic deserves a little blog. Especially today with the great news of us in TAKK committing to a partnership with Broman Group on training repair shops and parts salespersons.

Great Partnership with Broman Group Oy

Work is not a separate part of the studies in Finnish VET. Work is the reason why we study and train. Naturally, people love to learn many things and there is now greater thing than a practical theory in my opinion, but for the grown-ups and already for the children, it is important to understand WHY and WHAT FOR. We all want to be needed, we want to be skillful and we want to know our business.

The business of Broman Group Oy is now our business, as all thew Motonets and all the Varaosamaailmas are now our customers. This means 1600 employees, who need to be excellent in customer service for the parts sales and repair shops, but also in other areas, such as air-conditioning and electric work safety. As the WHAT FOR is so clear in this deal, it is easy to see the WHY developing. Motivated, skillful and competent staff members you will have, in Broman Group Oy. Thank you for the trust.

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