TAKK Interpretation Trainer Team Rewarded by AMKE ry (#89/100)

Community and Court Interpreters are heard not seen. The profession aims at interpreting services in situations

TAKK Interpretation Team Soile Mäkiranta, Tuija Hildén and Ekaterina Tsavro

between the ethnic minorities and the mainstream authorities or public service providers. It is a service that enables communication, overcomes barriers and creates understanding in essentially important areas of life. The services involved in community interpretation are typically localisation to the municipalities, social and health care, education and various legal matters. Continue reading


Splendid for Business, Real Estates and Estates Management (#88/100)

Side by side, employers and TAKK

While writing, the last visitors of Splendid Jobs for Business, Real Estates and Estates Management have left the building in Nirva. The day was a buzzling busy day with so many employers of the sector. Just to name a few, Lassila & Tikanoja was there, Suomen Telecenter Oy, Kiinteistömaailma Klingendahl and Opset Oy. As the last time, the event was organised by TAKK and Pirkanmaa TE Services.

Remembering the model from the first and second blogs this year about Splendid Jobs, these are events for the three to meet: the jobseekers or students, the employers of the sector and us, the education providers.

When the three are together, competence questions are solved right away.

Machine Fitters for Industry (#87/100)

Tampere Industrial Institute Ltd. of TAKK is recruiting top professionals!

These are the chances that you grasp right away. At just one time, you have a possibility to have a further qualification in machine fitting, to do an on-the-job training period in a company – this time, in Sandvik Mining and Construction Ltd. – and also to earn student salary of technology industry.

Apply right now, there is one week time left.

Big Ears for Customers of VET (#85/100)

Big ears for customers – TAKK’s Education Manager Rosa Hyvönen

M. Hannula of Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK) and M. Lahtinen of Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce pointed out in their blog (Nov 2nd 2017) that companies with their jobs will be as real customers of Finnish VET as the students are with the reform of education in force on the 1st of January 2018.

Naturally, the reform will bring about many changes and chances: fewer qualifications with more variablity, individual study paths and less regulations. All welcome. The need for our trainers to be even more on the foot, is understood, but the reality may be a bit different. How to guarantee the real-time coaching of all of our students in one week on the foot with the given resources? How to make a shift from trainer to coach, which is but a methodological change, also a change in operation culture. Where is our focus as trainers or coaches? On the students? Or on the employers? Continue reading

What Will Be – The View to Deck and Arena (#84/100)

by Ulla Virtanen, TAKK

Living on the edge – what you still cannot see

TAKK city centre campus has a new neighbour, which will not disappear for quite some time. This view here still shows blue sky, but in a while, it will host quite a complex and skyline, as ”TAMPERE’S NEW NEIGHBOURHOOD” will rise up to 100 meters and become an hyper-cyber-buzzling city island in the middle of good ol’ Tampere. This is a bit like living next to Blade Runner and looking for the unicorn in the city jungle. THIS also is VET.

Living on the edge.

Volleyball Team of TAKK, the Glue and the Clue (#83/100)

Champions of TAKK

by Ulla Virtanen, TAKK

TAKK trainer of construction, Mr Tuomo Roppola, has played volleyball for more than remarkable 40 years. He had the passion for volleyball already in his school years, but when he found a great community college team of rather experienced players of all ages, at 19 years, and when he also noticed he had skills good-enough for the competence level, he joined the team, – As novice, Tuomo adds. Learning from the others, learning to develop speed and master the techniques, made him a great team member for all his years in Oulu region. Continue reading

Top Trainer of Household Services (#81/100)

TAKK’s top trainer Sanna Salminen – congratulations!

We are so very proud of our trainer, Sanna Salminen, to receive the award ”Trainer of the Year in Household Services” from Suomen kotityöpalveluyhdistys ry in Mikkeli on the 11th of October. Salminen is a multitalented and experienced trainer in the sector and gets high quality feedback on her customer service – thus certainly earning the title. Continue reading