Choices for VET (#103)

Choose wisely, said Indy Jones

by Ulla Virtanen, TAKK

There are Small Choices and then there are Big Choices to be done on Vocational Education and Training.

The State of Finland is now in front of Big Choices, in order to respond to the changing worklife and the competence needs of all citizens throughout their lives – fast enough. We are irreversibly getting out-of-date in our skills in the big scale, without big actions. The government has set a goal of retraining a million Finns*. One million. Can be done, but won’t be easy. Continue reading


Making Vocational Qualifications Count (#102)

by Ulla Virtanen, TAKK

Making it count with TAKK!

Make it count. Such a powerful expression. Familiar to many of us from Titanic and Leonardo di Caprio’s sentence, ”Make each day count”. The expression has slightly varified meanings, but the idea is to make something have a meaningful, useful and positive effect, to count on it to happen and come true. Continue reading

Bearing in Mind The TAKK Spirit (#100/100)

Bearing in mind 🙂

by Ulla Virtanen, TAKK

This little teddy bear is the last one of its kind, the TAKK bear. It is the last of the big pack of TAKK teddy bears we used to have and give to partners. Actually, I took one to Spain in 2007.

I believe this bear is The One with the true TAKK Spirit (we are famous for it) and therefore he or she (I don’t know which one it is?) has to be held kindly and with compassion. BEARing in mind, bearing in heart, bearing through the hard times and “bearing” in the meaning of “carrying something new inside”.

Thank you for the journey of 100 blogs this year with You all.

Happy New Year, fellows!

Finland in International Trade – Competence? (#98/100)

by Ulla Virtanen, TAKK

Very interesting indeed to read about The 90 facts of Finland in the International Trade, thank you very much #ICC90 and Aalto University.

I just have to intervene into one more thing this year in our TAKK International Blog. Now, no matter what competence we develop here in the depths of TAKK and other VET providers, if our trained professionals do not develop international trade, we are doomed to the depths. Finland used to manage the internal finances by exchanging squirrel skins to bread and butter. Those times are sooo passé that we cannot even figure out how gone. I would love to say that please, produce yourself everything that you use, but the economy just does not keep up that way nor does to community without taxes. Naturally, the commerce can be done online, sustainably and also moderately, but all in all, for the GDP, export has to exceed the import or in other terms, we have to use less than we make. That is the layman truth, well, don’t we know that in VET.

Few reflections on competence development for the international trade on the basis of the study. Fact: EU-Exports make 17% of jobs in Finland. Message? Continue developing the flow of EU projects and mobilities. Fact: Export-related jobs employ mainly medium skilled (59%) workers. That is our graduates. Message? Keep on making students understand how important the export trade to Finland is. Fact: The top 3 foreign countries operating in Finland by end-2015 are: 1) Sweden 2) USA 3) Germany. Message? Do not let the European language skills fade in VET, Swedish and German are very much there on the front. For more interesting specifics, pls see the report.

PS. I love it the way they say in their report, ”We all are the Merchants of Peace” and ”We believe that trade can strengthen relation between nations” (slide 4). Hearts to You all in the report team.

TAKK Interpretation Trainer Team Rewarded by AMKE ry (#89/100)

Community and Court Interpreters are heard not seen. The profession aims at interpreting services in situations

TAKK Interpretation Team Soile Mäkiranta, Tuija Hildén and Ekaterina Tsavro

between the ethnic minorities and the mainstream authorities or public service providers. It is a service that enables communication, overcomes barriers and creates understanding in essentially important areas of life. The services involved in community interpretation are typically localisation to the municipalities, social and health care, education and various legal matters. Continue reading

Splendid for Business, Real Estates and Estates Management (#88/100)

Side by side, employers and TAKK

While writing, the last visitors of Splendid Jobs for Business, Real Estates and Estates Management have left the building in Nirva. The day was a buzzling busy day with so many employers of the sector. Just to name a few, Lassila & Tikanoja was there, Suomen Telecenter Oy, Kiinteistömaailma Klingendahl and Opset Oy. As the last time, the event was organised by TAKK and Pirkanmaa TE Services.

Remembering the model from the first and second blogs this year about Splendid Jobs, these are events for the three to meet: the jobseekers or students, the employers of the sector and us, the education providers.

When the three are together, competence questions are solved right away.

Machine Fitters for Industry (#87/100)

Tampere Industrial Institute Ltd. of TAKK is recruiting top professionals!

These are the chances that you grasp right away. At just one time, you have a possibility to have a further qualification in machine fitting, to do an on-the-job training period in a company – this time, in Sandvik Mining and Construction Ltd. – and also to earn student salary of technology industry.

Apply right now, there is one week time left.