TAKKCareer Booster in ON (#48/100)

TAKKCareeerBooster is ON!

by Ulla Virtanen, TAKK

Remember the hash code blog? Well, our TAKKCareerBooster (Erasmus+ application) has been accepted. This means, we can now send our students, staff members and Tampere Chamber of Commerce member company partners to European learning periods for the next two years. Starting in August – after our few holiday weeks in saunas and faraway cottages, the TCB team will get organised and start processing the candidate applications. Happy to do this!

The question is, why should you go?

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Finnish Education System in Short – Visitors from South Korea (#44/100)

by Ulla Virtanen, TAKK

You know how you are supposed to be able to give an elevator speech in one minute? How about making it about the Finnish education system? How many minutes you need to take? TAKK had the privilege of hosting a South Korean group of visitors through KEDI, the Korean Educational Development Institute this week. The challenge was, how to formulate the topics of adult education, competence-based education system and lifelong learning into a compact package.

Happy visitors in TAKK Nirva

Which key words would you use?

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Conflicts to Resolutions – Mediating Work Communities (#39/100)

by Ulla Virtanen, TAKK

“Lift the cat on the table”

Workplace conflict is no one’s daydream. And for a Finn, a workplace conflict certainly is something to stay far from and hush about… What if someone is a professional in finding the conflicts and helping to create solutions? Such a person cannot be afraid of the conflicts, but rather be motivated in bringing out the reasons behind the conflicts and mediating the birth of the optimal solution to the cause. As the Finns say: ”Let’s lift the cat on the table” or in proper English, ”Let’s talk about the elephant in the room”. Anxiety of a conflict is like a big dark cloud in the blue sky, cold and heavy on the shoulders and throwing a big shadow on everything. Continue reading

Looking Young, Working Young (#35/100)

You know how appearances are all that matters when you’re young. At least in my household, the teenager takes possession of the mirror all morning, leaving mommy get to work pretty exploded…

But: Let’s see about this event: NUORILLE TÖITÄ – WORK FOR THE YOUNG ONES. Tomorrow! In Tullikamari Pakkahuone, one of the fanciest clubs in Tampere.

Work for the Young Ones!


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Figuring Out the Work in the Warehouse of TAKK Construction (#33/100)

Present when needed, Ilkka D

Ilkka Dahlstedt (right) with student Pasi Järvinen in the Warehouse

The 118 qualifications TAKK has rights to organise training for, make a very big warehouse for the learning and study material. All the sectors have different gear: warehouses of the different teams in metal, wood, cleaning, painting, guarding or car repairing take a new pile of things, sometimes very big things. Where are they stored? And who watches over the equipment? TAKK has a miracle man, a smiley man, Mr Ilkka Dahlstedt, to take care of the construction sector warehousing. Let’s hear our Ilkka’s figures. Continue reading

Hospice as a Place of Life and Learning (#32/100)

by Laura Wilkinson, student of TAKK

Laura W. learning at work

Last summer, the first time I thought about applying to the secretary study program at TAKK, I had no idea where it could take me. But here I am now, having spent the last five months studying to be a medical secretary at Pirkanmaa Hospice. No matter how intimidating it is as an idea, working near death has given me so much I can hardly believe it.  So trust me when I say, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Workwise, I have wished to work at the healthcare domain for quite some time now. So, naturally, I was thrilled when I got offered the possibility to get my medical secretary certificate at TAKK in a fairly short time. With extensive five month work period it was made possible to graduate in only nine months. However, never in my wildest dreams would I have considered working at a hospice. I actually didn’t even consider it was an option. Lucky for me, Pirkanmaa Hospice approached TAKK for they were out on a hunt for a student of their own. And when my teacher suggested I would apply to be a part of the multi-professional group, I took it. And the rest, as they say, is history. Continue reading

Responsible Customer Advisor – Best Customer Service (#31/100)

Keeping customers happy

In every organisation, the office porter, ”expeditionsvakt” in Swedish and ”virastomestari” in Finnish, is a man or a woman of multiple roles. Even the title says it all in many different ways: gatekeeper (portier, gardien in French), the one who leads or organises, the ”office champion”. Which they most often are. TAKK’s Mr Juha Hämäläinen certainly is one – with the title Responsible Customer Advisor.

Mr Hämäläinen’s or Juha’s – as we call him – task list is long and variable every day. Receiving people, guiding and advising customers, answering the phone, checking the security monitors, digging out information, assisting all sector staff members, IT tasks of all sort, positions of responsibility, scanning of bills and taking care of all mobile phones and connections in TAKK. Continue reading