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Have you ever wondered what happens in the workhops, meeting rooms, team days, open doors and the hidden dens of vocational education and training in Finland? Where do the metalsmiths, product developers, practical nurses, carpenters, bus drivers and entrepreneurs come from? What are the driving forces of the vocational trainers and the ultimate motives of the adults in education?

This blog will tell it to You all. 🙂

About TAKK, a workplace and a place of learning. Today, TAKK in Tampere, Finland, is one of the top providers of vocational adult education services and competence for the labour market. TAKK’s strengths are long experience in competence-based education, student services, strong work-life connections and customer-driven education solutions for smaller and bigger purposes. Read more in the website of TAKK.

Tampereen valtatie 15

TAKK campus in Tampere city

TAKK Nirva Campus

TAKK Nirva Campus