Partners in Business – Broman Group and TAKK (#45/100)

There is no TAKK without work – that’s what I often say. It is such a relevant part of our character, the work and the workplaces, that the topic deserves a little blog. Especially today with the great news of us in TAKK committing to a partnership with Broman Group on training repair shops and parts salespersons.

Great Partnership with Broman Group Oy

Work is not a separate part of the studies in Finnish VET. Work is the reason why we study and train. Naturally, people love to learn many things and there is now greater thing than a practical theory in my opinion, but for the grown-ups and already for the children, it is important to understand WHY and WHAT FOR. We all want to be needed, we want to be skillful and we want to know our business. Continue reading


Hospice as a Place of Life and Learning (#32/100)

by Laura Wilkinson, student of TAKK

Laura W. learning at work

Last summer, the first time I thought about applying to the secretary study program at TAKK, I had no idea where it could take me. But here I am now, having spent the last five months studying to be a medical secretary at Pirkanmaa Hospice. No matter how intimidating it is as an idea, working near death has given me so much I can hardly believe it.  So trust me when I say, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Workwise, I have wished to work at the healthcare domain for quite some time now. So, naturally, I was thrilled when I got offered the possibility to get my medical secretary certificate at TAKK in a fairly short time. With extensive five month work period it was made possible to graduate in only nine months. However, never in my wildest dreams would I have considered working at a hospice. I actually didn’t even consider it was an option. Lucky for me, Pirkanmaa Hospice approached TAKK for they were out on a hunt for a student of their own. And when my teacher suggested I would apply to be a part of the multi-professional group, I took it. And the rest, as they say, is history. Continue reading

A New Way to Integrate Immigrants into Finnish Society? (#13/100)

by Susanna Ylihärsilä

A nice cup of tea in the morning and the morning paper. Suddenly your eyes catch an interesting piece of news…

It takes a really long time to find a job in Finland!

According to Aamulehti newspaper (January 22) it takes you – on average – 6 years and 2 months to find a job in Finland if you happen to come from The Middle East or Somalia.

There are of course already many immigrants and professionals working on this challenge. Here I have the chance to highlight one of the most recent projects that tackles the problem: an ESF (European Social Fund) project called Kiito – Kiinni työhön ja osaamiseen – or in English: Work and Holistic Integration Zone project.


It takes a really long time to find a job in Finland!

Continue reading

Renovating TAKK’s Nirva – Renewing Education (#4/100)

Thinking outside the box, or building out of the box? In the middle of the Finnish VET reform, it is very comforting and refreshing to think about the walls and the rooms and the set-up of the learning and teaching premises. The “classroom” has come far from the times of the early 1900’s and somehow got back to where it belongs: the workplace. Mind you, I am not saying, we take the class to the workplace, but we rebuild the workplace to TAKK premises. There is an essential difference there. Continue reading