Top Trainer of Household Services (#81/100)

TAKK’s top trainer Sanna Salminen – congratulations!

We are so very proud of our trainer, Sanna Salminen, to receive the award ”Trainer of the Year in Household Services” from Suomen kotityöpalveluyhdistys ry in Mikkeli on the 11th of October. Salminen is a multitalented and experienced trainer in the sector and gets high quality feedback on her customer service – thus certainly earning the title.

Further Qualification in Household Services is an advanced combination of competence acquirements in all domestic help and services. The range runs from cleaning services to household textiles care, laundry services, household meal services, personal assistance and errand services, gardening services, household repair and maintenance services and entrepreneurship in household services. Professional in the field has to be capable of interacting, negotiating, respecting just about everything with the client; the property, privacy, habits and customs. The list does not end here, but the demands of working carefully, responsibly, swiftly, hygienically, systematically, proactively, reliably and discreetly are other requirements. One also has to know the used machinery and equipments, special diets, household area’s service system, permits, financing channels, and the system of tax credits for domestic help. Wow. The list is exhausting.

I am raising my hat to Sanna Salminen. Join the queue!

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