Digging into the VET Legislation with Glogg (#97/100)

by Ulla Virtanen, TAKK

The Law on Vocational Education and Training (531/2017) inspired a dozen of internationally-oriented VET professionals and national administrators of education yesterday over the hot mugs of glogg in Omnia, Espoo (thank you, Mervi, Kirsi and Katri). The event ”Lakia ja glögiä” (Law and glogg) or ”Lakikinkerit”, of which the latter is extremely difficult to translate**, focused on understandig and interpreting the fresh VET legislation in the right format for global education purposes and more specifically, for qualification-based global education.

Glogg helps the study of law…

The law is clear: We are allowed to sell Finnish secondary level qualifications outside of EU and EEA. After that, it gets more interesting. Thanks to the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture and their lawyer, we got some more understanding to the various articles of the law. Hey, there are 14 chapters and 142 articles on the law to understand, so for a VET professional, that is a big nut to crack.

Individualisation (henkilökohtaistaminen) is The Big Clue of the Finnish VET.

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“Kill two birds with one stone” (#52/100)

by Riitta Juusenaho, TAKK

This old saying definitely hit my button, as I was invited to give a speech in the 5th National Initiative Education Forum in Beijing and  Principals´ Forum of Guangzhou-Hong Kong-Macau Big Bay Area last month. What a great opportunity to advertise our Educational School Camps! Free!

So Ms Jin Muranen from GTE (Global Tampere Education) and I jumped on the plane. In Beijing it was nice summer weather but in Guangzhou we were hit by the tropical heat. Two ladies from the frosted North to a 38 Celsius degree heath, oh boy, oh boy. But we fought like Finns do.

Global Tampere Education well presented in Beijing

When you go to seminars in China, you will soon find out that there are not ten, but hundreds or even thousands of people in the audience, and they are really interested in what you are saying. Especially when it comes to the Finnish education.

For me as a former teacher and a principal, it is always very strange how things that you as a Finn find as a matter of course in schools are new innovations and confusing phenomenons for others. For example school camp pedagogy. Or learning outside classrooms and school buildings or the deep trust between teachers and administrators. Or the lack of inspection system in our schools. Continue reading

Finnish Educational School Camps (#36/100)

by Riitta Juusenaho, TAKK

Starting in 2017, TAKK offers foreign students Finnish Educational School Camps in Tampere region.

Studying is fun!

School Camps in Tampere

In one way or the other, the school camps are part of the activities of almost every Finnish elementary school. Since 2016, when the new curriculum of comprehensive schools was introduced, teaching outside classrooms was mentioned as a diversification of the teaching and motivation. According to its name, a school camp is a combination of camp and school life, where pupils / students are active actors and content providers.

In the Finnish pedagogical discussion, we often talk about extensive learning that combines the contents of different subjects into meaningful and better perceived entities. Learning takes place more often outside the classrooms and schools. The versatile and safe learning environment offered by the school provide a strong support for the growth of the pupil. Continue reading

Good Bells, Bad Bells (29#/100)

Good Bells, Bad Bells

Good bell, I hope

An old Finnish expression says: Hyvä kello kauas kuuluu, paha kello vielä kauemmas and the same in English, A good bell will be heard far, a bad bell further. Good experience and reputation is worth the effort in all customer service, not just to make happy customers, but also to avoid making UNhappy customers, who spread the word far too effectively. Pleased and content customers are the best one can get in business, also in education business. Continue reading

Dreams DO Come True – TAKK Students to Astana Expo 2017 (#20/100)

by Ulla Virtanen

Yesterday was the day when I cried of happiness of our two students in my car in the middle of Lahti. We had just had a press event for many Kazakhstan journalists and bloggers about the KFEIG Education and Innovation Group offering to Kazakhstan with Finpro representatives. Returning to my car, there were two missed calls.

KFEIG logo

KFEIG making Finnish Education business

Sun was shining in the sky and in my heart, as I had two very happy phone calls with the chosen candidates to Astana Expo 2017. They are going to be TAKK’s student guides in the Finland Pavilion with 13 other students from LAMK, JAMK, and HAMK. Several prestigious visitors to meet during this summer, many professionals to connect with, chances to create for oneself and the company one is working for. What a dream – we in TAKK wish them all the good this chance can give. And you will hear from them soon!


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Welders Certificated in TAKK (#11/100)

Passing tests for International Welding qualifications.

Two gentlemen Mr Mugurel Dumutru and Mr Vasile-Valentin Inel passed their tests with trainer Mr Antti Lehtimäki.

Have you ever got to know how many different welding processes there are? Do the terms SMAW, GTAW or GMAW tell you much? Perhaps you have heard of the TIG or MIG welding? The ”did-you-know” of the week, is that TAKK Technology trainers organise various welder’s qualification tests to the company clients and then are authorized to give certificates for the accreditated welders. The training for the competence shown in tests may take a day or several days to pass. There are several types of International Welding qualifications and thanks to the globally experienced trainers, the company clients know who to turn to – TAKK of course. This is daily Internationalisation at Home for TAKK staff members. Continue reading

Do You Want to Have a Finnish Vocational Qualification? (#8/100)

Let's start planning!

Let’s build a programme together!

Enough of talk. Enough of visions and dreams, now we turn the competece-based qualifications into programme offers for education customers outside of Europe. Yes, The Finnish National Board of Education (FNBE) has granted TAKK a permit for qualification-based international education service business in December 2016. Therefore, education and business partners outside of Europe: your staff members or your students CAN do a partial or an entire qualification with us. Continue reading

Finnish VET Quality is the Choice in China (#2/100)

TAKK will carry out a Quality Management further education programme for an education partner and customer in Guangzhou of Southern China in early 2017. The participants of the programme want to develop their knowledge, tools and skills to redesign the quality management system of their institution. Continue reading