Jumping out of Comfort Zone (#62/100) Part 1

Jumping out of Comfort Zone – What Nature has to Offer for Supporting Unemployed Youngsters? Part 1 (#62/100)

by Niina Rautiainen, Project Manager, Project manager, Community educator, Teacher and Wilderness guide, Tampereen seudun Työllistämisyhdistys Etappi ry, Luontopolkua eteenpäin Project

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Part 1

How can activities in nature like for example hiking, making igloos, studying first aid, sitting by the fire or making the fire support act of becoming employed one day? What can nature offer to the school world? Is nature activities and time spending in nature environment a total waste of time and money, as well?

Tampereen seudun Työllistämisyhdistys Etappi ry offers working opportunities on 6 different workshops for unemployed people around Pirkanmaa. Etappi offers also one unique opportunity for enemployed youngsters under 29-years-old. Luontopolkua eteenpäin is a project of Etappi (2013-2017) which is funded by STEA (funding centre for Social Welfare and Health Organizations). Luontopolkua eteenpäin project offers 3 month long workshops (5 days/week, 5 hours /day). The project offers also shorter ten-day groups. The main goals of Luontopolkua eteenpäin project is to help youngster to find their own path, motivation and strenght to go forward on that path. Continue reading

VET Reform and Language Skills (#61/100)

by Ulla Virtanen, TAKK

Languages open doors

Today I am very pleased with the statements from AMKE to the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture about the effects on languages in Vocational Education and Training. AMKE supports giving up the requirements for language competences, but wants to maintain the national language proficiency test. Naturally there is more to the news, but here, a few comments and also memories from my keyboard. Continue reading

Joining Forces – Stronger Together (#60/100)

by Ulla Virtanen, TAKK

Lumova and TAKK together

Returning from holidays, there it was. The news on Lumova, Hämeen kosmetologikoulu (Häme School of Cosmetologists) joining forces with TAKK – still continuing under the same name and as it’s own unit. Two approximately 50-year-old-ones are stronger together, more adaptable and more versatile. One hundred like Finland 100. This marriage is very much reforming the vocational education community in Pirkanmaa with combinable resources, possitibilities and opportunities – for all, the students, staff members and employers. Continue reading

Under the Inspecting Eye (#59/100)

Safe and sound Finland. I’ll tell you once again, from another angle, why. This time the story is from metal technology.

Annually there are hundreds of welding competence tests done in TAKK. One needs to be secure, safe and sound. This needs a lot from the trainers, testing environments, students and documentation. These welding competence test results – the actual welding works – are evaluated in our own testing plant. The technical director and inspector of the NDT testing plant (non-destructive testing) is trainer, Mr Eero Seppälä and all the activities are run by Director of TAKK Enterprise Services, Mr Olli-Pekka Tuomi. Continue reading

Get Yourself Connected (#58/100)

by Ulla Virtanen, TAKK

Good cake

On this especially rainy day in Tampere and as the children get back to nurseries and the wild outdoors, it is the great time to make sand cakes, or better: mud cakes. You know how sand needs a decent amount of water to make a good cake, well, these are the golden days for children (the laundry…). Finnish children have a short rhyme ”Älä tule paha kakku, tule hyvä kakku” – ”Please, become a good cake, do not become a bad cake”.

Speaking of cakes, you know how all we have our favourite recipes? And how we know that with those recipes, we will succeed. But the recipe needs the right ingredients… The recipe of successful worklife is the mixture of great connections and the most fitted organisations to your needs. You mix them, you stir, and puff! There’s the cake.

This is my international education cake mix.  Have a good weekend!

steady amount of http://minedu.fi/en/vocational-education-and-training

a great mix of http://www.cimo.fi/

a whole lot of https://www.marketopportunities.fi/

knowledge of http://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/anniversary_en

and a handful of https://finvet.fi/fi/

Stir, smooth and enjoy!

Education Finland for All (#57/100)

Education of Finland is unique

The Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI) has now the task of boosting Finnish education export, with the new growth programme called Education Finland. Name is simple and nails down the concept. No doubt they are committed to the task. Continue reading

Support for the Recognition of the Learning Disabilities (#56/100)

by Riikka Lamminen, TAKK

Support for Learning Disabilities

Noheva (ESF) project development targets include more effective recognition of the learning disabilities and developing better basic skills for learning. Noheva team has developed a lighter tool of the NMI Reading and Mathematics Test for recognising the learning disabilities. The goal is to recognise and identify the students who need a more detailed testing of the learning disabilities in the very early phases of their studies and support thoughout their studies. Continue reading