Machine Fitters for Industry (#87/100)

Tampere Industrial Institute Ltd. of TAKK is recruiting top professionals!

These are the chances that you grasp right away. At just one time, you have a possibility to have a further qualification in machine fitting, to do an on-the-job training period in a company – this time, in Sandvik Mining and Construction Ltd. – and also to earn student salary of technology industry.

Apply right now, there is one week time left.


Safety First (#78/100)

Work safety – what does it mean to you?

Safety is a Mindset

Let’s take it the plain and simple way, through an example. As a carpenter’s daughter, I would say work safety means knowing how to use the saw and therefore keeping my fingers, wearing proper shoes in timber works thus protecting my toes, using helmet and so keeping my head safe. These are the minimal elements of safety: intact body parts and life.

Now let’s elaborate. IF I were a partner to my father, I would (need to) know who’s the boss, who gives orders and who does the actual work. In which language does he talk to me and whether I know the concepts. His language is definitely Finnish, but words like ”pontti”, ”viilu” or ”kakkosnelonen” would be Greek to me, unless I were a carpenter’s daughter or had learnt them by studying… Basic knowledge, guidance and common language, are the further elements to master the safety in carpentry. Before grabbing the saw. Continue reading

Partners in Business – Broman Group and TAKK (#45/100)

There is no TAKK without work – that’s what I often say. It is such a relevant part of our character, the work and the workplaces, that the topic deserves a little blog. Especially today with the great news of us in TAKK committing to a partnership with Broman Group on training repair shops and parts salespersons.

Great Partnership with Broman Group Oy

Work is not a separate part of the studies in Finnish VET. Work is the reason why we study and train. Naturally, people love to learn many things and there is now greater thing than a practical theory in my opinion, but for the grown-ups and already for the children, it is important to understand WHY and WHAT FOR. We all want to be needed, we want to be skillful and we want to know our business. Continue reading

Conflicts to Resolutions – Mediating Work Communities (#39/100)

by Ulla Virtanen, TAKK

“Lift the cat on the table”

Workplace conflict is no one’s daydream. And for a Finn, a workplace conflict certainly is something to stay far from and hush about… What if someone is a professional in finding the conflicts and helping to create solutions? Such a person cannot be afraid of the conflicts, but rather be motivated in bringing out the reasons behind the conflicts and mediating the birth of the optimal solution to the cause. As the Finns say: ”Let’s lift the cat on the table” or in proper English, ”Let’s talk about the elephant in the room”. Anxiety of a conflict is like a big dark cloud in the blue sky, cold and heavy on the shoulders and throwing a big shadow on everything. Continue reading