Coffee Break (#40/100)

by Ulla Virtanen

It’s just not a coffee break.

Quickly, coffee!

The fast coffee lane

As the blog space is so tiny, I will go straight to the point: I think one of the wisest decisions ever in the past or in the future of TAKK, HAS been and WILL be, to offer a cup of coffee (or tea) to the personnel twice a day free of charge. (Well, sometimes there’s no time, and sometimes it’s almost three cups… large. Hey, some days demand for it.)

Coffee break, it’s always around 9 in the morning and always at 14 (not 2 pm). There are always some colleagues to meet and issues to take care of at the same time. But the work stuff is not the case, the break together IS. It has been studied by some wise professors, that a human being can only focus efficiently for 1,5 hours in a row. After that the thought slips, seriously. Well, there’s the time for the coffee break. And the talk. And the team spirit.

Coffee with a twist

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First of May – Vappu in Finland (#34/100)

Vappu is here!

by Ulla Virtanen, TAKK

And how do we know ”Vappu”, our First of May is getting closer? It’s raining cats & dogs and snow in all of it’s forms one can find….

Rime (kuura), frost (härmä) and little cute snow flakes (hiutale), no no no, but sleet (räntä), slush (sohjo) and real flurry (mylläkkä) are more like it. That’s when it’s finally spring and Finnish Vappu. If we Finns were sensible, we would stay indoors, have a cup of coffee or a shot of strong liqueur or two in the village bar, but no such rational behaviour is detected in the streets and marketplaces of Finland 100 years. Continue reading

Team Finland and Teaming Finland? (#25/100)

Let's be partners - We are not far

Tampere is not difficult to reach!

by Ulla Virtanen, TAKK

Of course this is not the best time to talk about teaming the whole Finland, when our dear City of Tampere is split in two hockey camps: The Lynxes (Ilves) and the Battle Axes (Tappara, yes!). I will talk to the fans of the previous, even though I support the latter, but it is easy to do so, as the BA’s won. For the time being. (In Education we always support the loosing side: Go for it, Ilves!) Continue reading

“Pottuilla” or Not? – April Fool’s Games Ahead (#24/100)

by Ulla Virtanen, TAKK

Finland is a trustworthy country. Yes. Absolutely. One can honestly say, you can rely on Finns. We speak the truth, no matter what (to the extent that it is not so sociable or even polite…). BUT. April Fool’s Day catches us in the Northern Europe as the others around the world. The tradition of becoming slightly fool and saying whatsoever on this spring day to trick the others to do weird things, goes deep in the tradition and is soooo understandable after the loooong winter days.

It's the growth season soon.

Potatoe or potato? Remember to trick your mates!

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Topics 100 – Suomi Finland 100 (#22/100)

Officially IN

TAKK International Blog IN!

TAKK International Blog has been accepted to the Suomi Finland 100 programme. For the celebration, our International Blog in TAKK or takki as we call it (meaning coat) is blue and white, pls see the main site header and the beautiful new logo we have the privilege to use. We have reached already more than two hundred visitors, with almost 750 views in 10 different countries. This is wonderful! Now it is time to boost ourselves for the next almost 80 postings. There are many more topics to cover. Continue reading

Today (#21/100)

Together, TAKK and JAMK have just finished a vocational further education programme for international customers and partners from overseas. Soon, these charming and knowledgeable directors are getting onboard our Blue Wings to fly back home with a small piece of Finnish education in their heart, we hope and believe.

Happy today


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What about the Finnish Women in Vocational Education? (#18/100)

Let me give you a few facts to celebrate this Women’s Day in Finland 100 years and TAKK 55:

  • International Women’s Day has been celebrated on the 8th of March since the beginning of 1900’s
  • Finland has been celebrating this day since 1990, though Finland was the third in the world and first in Europe to give women the right to vote and to be nominated in elections in 1906
  • Tampere Adult Education Foundation board has 3 women out of the 9 members
  • Tampere Adult Education Centre board of directors has 3 women out of 7 members
  • 41 % of TAKK students are women.

TAKK’s women drive the busses, manage the teams, guard the shopping malls, nurse the elderly, weld the metal and make the electrical installations. Women in VET. Happy Womens’ Day to everyone!

Happy Women's Day

We are “every women” in VET