Looking Young, Working Young (#35/100)

You know how appearances are all that matters when you’re young. At least in my household, the teenager takes possession of the mirror all morning, leaving mommy get to work pretty exploded…

But: Let’s see about this event: NUORILLE TÖITÄ – WORK FOR THE YOUNG ONES. Tomorrow! In Tullikamari Pakkahuone, one of the fanciest clubs in Tampere.

Work for the Young Ones!


This target group, these are not teenagers, these are YOUNG ADULTS. Which means they are slightly more styled the grown-up way, more collected, more motivated to find work and under 30. Which is all what this event is about: finding work or finding a project team, who will help find work. This event looks young and serves the young ones.

TAKK is there with the great partners: The Federation of Finnish Enterprises Pirkanmaa, City of Tampere, Ohjaamo Tampere, EURES The European Job Mobility Portal and TE Services. Follow the page Nuorille töitä Pirkanmaa.

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