Digging into the VET Legislation with Glogg (#97/100)

by Ulla Virtanen, TAKK

The Law on Vocational Education and Training (531/2017) inspired a dozen of internationally-oriented VET professionals and national administrators of education yesterday over the hot mugs of glogg in Omnia, Espoo (thank you, Mervi, Kirsi and Katri). The event ”Lakia ja glögiä” (Law and glogg) or ”Lakikinkerit”, of which the latter is extremely difficult to translate**, focused on understandig and interpreting the fresh VET legislation in the right format for global education purposes and more specifically, for qualification-based global education.

Glogg helps the study of law…

The law is clear: We are allowed to sell Finnish secondary level qualifications outside of EU and EEA. After that, it gets more interesting. Thanks to the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture and their lawyer, we got some more understanding to the various articles of the law. Hey, there are 14 chapters and 142 articles on the law to understand, so for a VET professional, that is a big nut to crack.

Individualisation (henkilökohtaistaminen) is The Big Clue of the Finnish VET.

However, that is a freewilling – and we in education export say – The Sales Article – of the package. For many years we have been wittnessing the cost effectiveness of making the individualisation count and actually cut costs here in good ol’ Finland. Now we just have to prove that to our partners and customers. For our volumes in Finland, it does not really make that big of a difference, but for the big nations of major volumes, it makes a huge difference.

Let our Finnish VET show the true colours of acquiring competences for the professionals-to-be in Your amazing countries… 🙂

**”Lakikinkerit” (did-you-know) is real-ly, real-ly difficult to translate. Kinkerit refers to the teaching and questioning sessions of the church in the days-gone-by; though they are still organised. The commoners were made to study the catechism and the Holy Bible, and the teacher was the priest or the cantor of the village or congregation. Coming back to yesterday, the ”kinkerit” part of the afternoon, was the hard study session of the law articles, but I think we had far too much also fun to call it a True Kinkerit. Perhaps we we were too enlightened students?

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