Choices for VET (#103)

Choose wisely, said Indy Jones

by Ulla Virtanen, TAKK

There are Small Choices and then there are Big Choices to be done on Vocational Education and Training.

The State of Finland is now in front of Big Choices, in order to respond to the changing worklife and the competence needs of all citizens throughout their lives – fast enough. We are irreversibly getting out-of-date in our skills in the big scale, without big actions. The government has set a goal of retraining a million Finns*. One million. Can be done, but won’t be easy. Continue reading

Good Bells, Bad Bells (29#/100)

Good Bells, Bad Bells

Good bell, I hope

An old Finnish expression says: Hyvä kello kauas kuuluu, paha kello vielä kauemmas and the same in English, A good bell will be heard far, a bad bell further. Good experience and reputation is worth the effort in all customer service, not just to make happy customers, but also to avoid making UNhappy customers, who spread the word far too effectively. Pleased and content customers are the best one can get in business, also in education business. Continue reading

Eggs in Many Baskets? (28#/100)

by Ulla Virtanen, TAKK

Or happy chicken in the house?


Well, I’ll try to be clever today. You have chickens. Who have many eggs. You have a hen house and a people house. And you want to have scrambled eggs. What happens if you put all your eggs in one basket and while walking from the hen house to the people house, drop it? That’s it. You’ll stay hungry. What happens if you divide the eggs into two baskets? You’ll end up juggling with two baskets, have no free hands to open the doors with, and you still drop them all. Still hungry. What if you have many baskets, divide the eggs into let’s say three (or x) baskets, take them separately inside, the odds say, dividing the favourable walks (3/x) with all the potential possibilities (the chicken crash the eggs, the lightning hits the basket, the rain starts, your shoe breaks down, etc. etc. (1 342 5754 times), the chance of having them all inside intact is pretty small. This is no good either. Continue reading

Partner in life – CIMO, now Finnish National Agency for Education EDUFI (#5/100)

You know how all education people have one good contact to turn to in all internationalisation matters on a government level? Well, in Finland until the end of last year it was CIMO. This gentleman (as “Simo” is a Finnish man’s name and the pronounciation is pretty much the same) has become my companion for life in education and training. The one and only. Whose number is in my speed dial numbers – a real speed date, but a very trustworthy and a knowledgeable one. Continue reading

Finnish VET Quality is the Choice in China (#2/100)

TAKK will carry out a Quality Management further education programme for an education partner and customer in Guangzhou of Southern China in early 2017. The participants of the programme want to develop their knowledge, tools and skills to redesign the quality management system of their institution. Continue reading

One Hundred Blog Stories of TAKK in 2017 (#1/100)

Finland has started a special year, 2017. The independent Republic of Finland celebrates 100 years of sovereignty in December, but the nation of Finland runs far further back. Being a small but sturdy nation in the European North means the connections to the world outside are of fairly recent achievement for the masses – excluding the clerics, artists, traders and random travellers. Mobiles and Internet in the 1990’s, wireless networks and 4G’s for the 2nd Millenium users – all of these have brought the world to the Finns and vice versa, Finland to the global society. Continue reading