Empty the Coin Machine (#70/100)

Thinking of the Reform of Vocational Education and Training (VET) might make you mad. But this slogan on my wall keeps me totally sane. I’ll empty the coin machine (“tyhjennän pajatson”, as the Finns say) with this, my favourite phrase for the weekend. Keep cool in the winds of change and don’t lose track!



Knock on the Door (#69/100)

Lots of interest towards Education Finland

Our application is in. Why keep it a secret? Naturally, we want to be part of the Education Finland growth programme. TAKK just explained what we have done and where, what are our goals and how do we intend to reach them. Also, we elaborated, how big is the action team working on this and what is the business logic we have – for the time being. Continue reading

Are you Aware of International VET Service Business? (#68/100)

To the point: Have you checked the website of us 11 education providers’ project in Ammatillinen koulutusvienti (vocational education export)? This is serious business and not only our business, but the business of our customer. The first Finnish qualification module certificates for customers outside of Europe have been signed and we intend to have our first ones signed next year in 2018 in TAKK.

Happy to catch up with these colleagues on Monday in Espoo. See you soon!

Click “Ammatillinen koulutusvienti”

Learning Together – Fitted Glove (#67/100)

Happy for the Yhdessä Oppien series of trainings

Yesterday was a lovely day. Today was even better. TAKK started a wonderful new series of trainings for staff members in Intercultural Competence. Practical as VET is, so is this training. Right to the point: we want to make sure our students of immigrant background access the qualification-based studies and worklife smoothest ever and our teams of language trainers, vocational teachers, instructors, counsellors and planners in TAKK fit together like hand to a glove. Continue reading

Never too late to VIP (#66/100)

KFEIG logo

Astana Expo in Kazakstan has seen many charismatic Finnish characters in their stages – among many, our President Mr Sauli Niinistö and our Minister of Education, Ms Sanni Grahn-Laasonen. The three VIP days of our group KFEIG in late August – Healthcare, Education and Cleantech – gathered a lot people to discuss the future of the education cooperation. check on the materials for very interesting sessions in these links here below. There’s plenty to learn! Continue reading

Apples fly far from the Erasmus+ Tree (#65/100)

Congratulations Erasmus+

Wow! Erasmus+ is 30 years old/young! Congratulations for all the numerous and enlightening moments in all of the activities in this wonderful programme to all of Us and to all of You. Apples may not fall too far from the tree, but the winds and the birds and the butterflies fly the seeds to faraway corners of the world. So do the Erasmus+ seeds in our minds and the bodies and the hearts, they take us far in life.

Happy to be Erasmus+ generation.

Handmade in TAKK (#64/100)

The creating team: Ilse Brandt (teacher), Emilia Suominen, Mari Salmela and Anastasia Petrova

Learning by doing, on-the-job training, learning at work – very familiar phrases for all of us in vocational education. Doing with hands, artisan work, handmade – all refer to the human touch and the creative mind we all possess, used to create something never-seen-before. Handmade is always interesting as a creation and unique as a product, no matter how many blemishes or ”beauty faults” (kauneusvirhe) it has. actually, the blemishes make the creation so beautiful, telling about the story of the artisan. Continue reading