Winter Overnight – What to Do? (#80/100)

Nirva fall: Oct 25, 2017

by Ulla Virtanen, TAKK

”Let’s be careful out there”, said the Hill Street Blues cop many decades ago in TV (remember?). Well, here’s the day to take it literally. Still yesterday we had the most beautiful fall season, pretty sunshine and clear though slightly frozen roads. Look today, snowy sceneries like in the fairytales and turning into the nightmares of all those on the roads and in the traffic. When does the winter come, ask the visitors? It comes whenever it pleases, this year it fell down TODAY in Tampere, as in many other places in Finland. Continue reading


Belarusian Experts on a visit to TAKK (#55/100)

Visitors of the Summer

July did wittness still one group of Belarusian experts. The group was on a search for training modules for Human Resource Management. TAKK is strong in running modules of the Specialist Qualification in Management and of the Further Qualification in First-Line Management.

The group was hosted by the top leaders, Principal Teppo Tapani and Director of Enterprise Services Olli-Pekka Tuomi.

Summertime Week in TAKK (#53/100)

”And the living is easy…” does fit the mood in the corridors of TAKK Nirva Campus at the moment. Let’s see what’s up in TAKK.

  • There’s the construction site. I tried to access the site, but was refused entry in four (4!) different places, so that’s that. Lots of sounds, so must be going strong. Good job.
  • Then there’s the guards and the electricians and the builders, classes continue for this week. Some 60+ cars in the parking lot of students, which fits the picture. Perfect.
  • Checking the intranet for staff members, next official event is a Staff Day in August, meant to ”refresh us”. From what? We’ve just had holidays.  I believe this is the employer’s secret way of gently transferring our wandering summer minds back to work. So sharpen your pencils before you some back from holidays! There’s plenty to do.

Happy holidays to everyone (heart-shaped emoji here…).

Happy Birthday, Dear Middle-ager! (#38/100)

Happy birthday!

There was a letter found in the cornerstone of TAKK Nirva Campus A building during the most recent renovations, with wonderful handwriting, very old-style letters – but clearly from a man, as the paper was all covered in motor oil… It was written by a 25-year old TAKK to TAKK 30 years later. We had the privilege to open it up today. It read:

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HiOMO Grinds Students into Entrepreneurs (#15/100)

HiOMO logo

HiOMO, or the “Grindery” for promoting entrepreneurship in TAKK

TAKK Entrepreneurship HiOMO or ”Grindery” in English, is TAKK’s way to organise entrepreneurship and management training to TAKK students and business clients. HiOMO team of trainers and experts offers education services for entrepreneurs-to-be, for the already operating entrepreneurs and for students who have entrepreneurship modules in their qualification-based studies in TAKK. HiOMO also gives free of charge entrepreneurship guidance to TAKK students. Continue reading

TAKK in Kazakhstan’s Astana Expo 2017 (#14/100)

VET is a process – not ever ready – and so are many of our activities, work in progress. Let us introduce to you one of the activities in the making of. This winter and spring TAKK is working on participating in Kazakhstan’s Astana Expo 2017 during the summer months with three other Finnish educational institutions in the Consortium KFEIG*.

TAKK Nirva Campus

TAKK Nirva Campus, the home of TAKK Environmental Know-How

Team Finland channels the energies of Finnish state-level actors, so to say several ministries and Finpro together and puts up a Finnish Pavilion in Astana with the theme “Sharing Pure Energy“. KFEIG consortium joins the Team Finland network for promoting Finland and especially the education services that this consortium can provide.

TAKK will join in with the themes of Cleantech and Environmental know-how.

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Renovating TAKK’s Nirva – Renewing Education (#4/100)

Thinking outside the box, or building out of the box? In the middle of the Finnish VET reform, it is very comforting and refreshing to think about the walls and the rooms and the set-up of the learning and teaching premises. The “classroom” has come far from the times of the early 1900’s and somehow got back to where it belongs: the workplace. Mind you, I am not saying, we take the class to the workplace, but we rebuild the workplace to TAKK premises. There is an essential difference there. Continue reading