Never too late to VIP (#66/100)

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Astana Expo in Kazakstan has seen many charismatic Finnish characters in their stages – among many, our President Mr Sauli Niinistö and our Minister of Education, Ms Sanni Grahn-Laasonen. The three VIP days of our group KFEIG in late August – Healthcare, Education and Cleantech – gathered a lot people to discuss the future of the education cooperation. check on the materials for very interesting sessions in these links here below. There’s plenty to learn! Continue reading


A Small Story about Big Dreams (#43/100)

by Katja Vaulio

How I ended up to work at Expo in Kazakhstan.

Lovely Katja living a dream!

One day I remembered something weird from my childhood. When I was a little girl, I had only one dream: to travel. I dreamed about countries far away, about exciting adventures, different cultures. I dreamed that I could speak exotic languages and that I was brave enough to leave and experience everything that world has to offer. That was actually quite a weird dream, because my family didn´t travel almost at all. Neither did my friends or relatives. But my mother, she had two close friends, who went around the world and sent us postcards from exciting places. And so my dream woke up.

More than twenty years later I am here, soon going to Kazakhstan this time. In the end of year 2016, when I came back from Asia after spending there two months on holiday, I was almost desperate. My oldest dream about India had finally come true. And now – what would I do now? I had no dreams, only long, black winter waiting in front of me. Continue reading

A Week in the International Office of TAKK with Melodies (#37/100)

by Ulla Virtanen, TAKK

Let’s hear about the rhythms and the melodies of the international coordinator’s week, as in so many vocational institutions in Finland. Greetings to you all lovely colleagues!

Videoing Sustainability Manager

  • Skype starts the week, fixing timetables and activities on producing Finnish vocational qualifications for foreign cooperation and learning about the guidelines from the Ministry of Education level. Done, absolutely useful and wonderful to hear how the other 10 institutions are doing. I hear spring marching in, ”we’re doing this for sure”.
  • Summer camps, planning programme models for the future activities of international students coming to Tampere region. Welcome all, I hear local music, the Manserock rhythm, they will have fun on Tampere.
  • Brazilian education needs, listening to the experts about the possibilities of Finnish-Brazilian education business. New direction. Isn’t that a band? Definitely not from Brazil, though.
  • Lots of visiting Chinese rectors, from Beijing, Guangzhou, Xi’an, Shanghai and Zhengzhou for example, buzzling morning with the sounds of the voice of our lovely interpreter, Ms Li.

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Dreams DO Come True – TAKK Students to Astana Expo 2017 (#20/100)

by Ulla Virtanen

Yesterday was the day when I cried of happiness of our two students in my car in the middle of Lahti. We had just had a press event for many Kazakhstan journalists and bloggers about the KFEIG Education and Innovation Group offering to Kazakhstan with Finpro representatives. Returning to my car, there were two missed calls.

KFEIG logo

KFEIG making Finnish Education business

Sun was shining in the sky and in my heart, as I had two very happy phone calls with the chosen candidates to Astana Expo 2017. They are going to be TAKK’s student guides in the Finland Pavilion with 13 other students from LAMK, JAMK, and HAMK. Several prestigious visitors to meet during this summer, many professionals to connect with, chances to create for oneself and the company one is working for. What a dream – we in TAKK wish them all the good this chance can give. And you will hear from them soon!


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