Are you Aware of International VET Service Business? (#68/100)

To the point: Have you checked the website of us 11 education providers’ project in Ammatillinen koulutusvienti (vocational education export)? This is serious business and not only our business, but the business of our customer. The first Finnish qualification module certificates for customers outside of Europe have been signed and we intend to have our first ones signed next year in 2018 in TAKK.

Happy to catch up with these colleagues on Monday in Espoo. See you soon!

Click “Ammatillinen koulutusvienti”


A Small Story about Big Dreams (#43/100)

by Katja Vaulio

How I ended up to work at Expo in Kazakhstan.

Lovely Katja living a dream!

One day I remembered something weird from my childhood. When I was a little girl, I had only one dream: to travel. I dreamed about countries far away, about exciting adventures, different cultures. I dreamed that I could speak exotic languages and that I was brave enough to leave and experience everything that world has to offer. That was actually quite a weird dream, because my family didn´t travel almost at all. Neither did my friends or relatives. But my mother, she had two close friends, who went around the world and sent us postcards from exciting places. And so my dream woke up.

More than twenty years later I am here, soon going to Kazakhstan this time. In the end of year 2016, when I came back from Asia after spending there two months on holiday, I was almost desperate. My oldest dream about India had finally come true. And now – what would I do now? I had no dreams, only long, black winter waiting in front of me. Continue reading

Team Finland and Teaming Finland? (#25/100)

Let's be partners - We are not far

Tampere is not difficult to reach!

by Ulla Virtanen, TAKK

Of course this is not the best time to talk about teaming the whole Finland, when our dear City of Tampere is split in two hockey camps: The Lynxes (Ilves) and the Battle Axes (Tappara, yes!). I will talk to the fans of the previous, even though I support the latter, but it is easy to do so, as the BA’s won. For the time being. (In Education we always support the loosing side: Go for it, Ilves!) Continue reading