Here Comes The Sun! (#92/100)

by Tailee See, TAKK trainee

Since end October, the daily weather has been gloomy, it’s either raining, snowing or misty and the day becomes shorter, night gets longer.  My daily mood is also following the flow of the seasonal weather.  During the spring and summer time, I could feel everything come to live, birds chirping with joy, flowers blooming, rabbits hopping around the garden, ducks swimming in the lake, young ladies in colourful summer clothes, parading their colourful hairs.  But they all slowly disappeared when season changed.  As for me, I feel like a slowly deflated balloon, losing its energy of staying afloat in the air.

Gloomy late fall, last day of November…

Ooh…I need to stay optimistic.

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What A Way to Communicate In Finnish! (#54/100)

by Lillie See, TAKK trainee

Well, I have been living in Tampere for 1 ½ years now, no doubt it’s just a short period of time but to me it seems like years.  Looking back on this 1 ½ years, hmmm…I have done a lot, come to think of it. First, I participated in photography exhibition and 2 of my photos were selected for the exhibition, I have learned Finnish language, Finnish culture, Finnish nature and national parks, Finnish lakes, weather….etc. Continue reading

How did it go? Teacher-student in Tampere Adult Education Centre (#49/100)

by Elina Reunanen, Teacher-student in TAKK

First you learn –

Last autumn, when I started my vocational teacher studies in Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK), little did I know what as waiting for me! Fall semester went by doing homework, going to school twice a month and working at the same time. But this spring started the training, long waited but also scaring teacher training! Continue reading

A Small Story about Big Dreams (#43/100)

by Katja Vaulio

How I ended up to work at Expo in Kazakhstan.

Lovely Katja living a dream!

One day I remembered something weird from my childhood. When I was a little girl, I had only one dream: to travel. I dreamed about countries far away, about exciting adventures, different cultures. I dreamed that I could speak exotic languages and that I was brave enough to leave and experience everything that world has to offer. That was actually quite a weird dream, because my family didn´t travel almost at all. Neither did my friends or relatives. But my mother, she had two close friends, who went around the world and sent us postcards from exciting places. And so my dream woke up.

More than twenty years later I am here, soon going to Kazakhstan this time. In the end of year 2016, when I came back from Asia after spending there two months on holiday, I was almost desperate. My oldest dream about India had finally come true. And now – what would I do now? I had no dreams, only long, black winter waiting in front of me. Continue reading

Wrestling with Machinery and the Man Will Make It! (#42/100)

Remember I told how TAKK makes it easy for students to combine sports and studies easily and flexibly? This flexibility has made it possible for wrestler Jussi-Pekka Niemistö from Tampere to start studies of machinery in TAKK. Jussi-Pekka is a Nordic Champion in Greek-Roman wrestling (2012) and he has also experience from European and World Championships tournaments and tryouts. During this Olympiade, it’s important for Jussi-Pekka to push forward and aim for the prestige championships. However, a profession a man has to have. And this is the story ”how” it is done.

Jussi-Pekka will make it!

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Hospice as a Place of Life and Learning (#32/100)

by Laura Wilkinson, student of TAKK

Laura W. learning at work

Last summer, the first time I thought about applying to the secretary study program at TAKK, I had no idea where it could take me. But here I am now, having spent the last five months studying to be a medical secretary at Pirkanmaa Hospice. No matter how intimidating it is as an idea, working near death has given me so much I can hardly believe it.  So trust me when I say, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Workwise, I have wished to work at the healthcare domain for quite some time now. So, naturally, I was thrilled when I got offered the possibility to get my medical secretary certificate at TAKK in a fairly short time. With extensive five month work period it was made possible to graduate in only nine months. However, never in my wildest dreams would I have considered working at a hospice. I actually didn’t even consider it was an option. Lucky for me, Pirkanmaa Hospice approached TAKK for they were out on a hunt for a student of their own. And when my teacher suggested I would apply to be a part of the multi-professional group, I took it. And the rest, as they say, is history. Continue reading