TAKKCareer Booster in ON (#48/100)

TAKKCareeerBooster is ON!

by Ulla Virtanen, TAKK

Remember the hash code blog? Well, our TAKKCareerBooster (Erasmus+ application) has been accepted. This means, we can now send our students, staff members and Tampere Chamber of Commerce member company partners to European learning periods for the next two years. Starting in August – after our few holiday weeks in saunas and faraway cottages, the TCB team will get organised and start processing the candidate applications. Happy to do this!

The question is, why should you go?

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Dear European Partners, (#10/100)

How are you? Isn’t this how the letters begin. This is our short blog letter to honour and thank you all. Let’s face it, what would we be without you all. (And this is where I would put a smiley emoji if this was a WhatsApp message. You can see me smiling.) Continue reading