Get Connected – The East and the West Combination (#82/100)

“Finally, it makes sense!”

by Tailee See, TAKK

When I was a teen, I used to ask my mom, why I should learn so many languages, Chinese, English and Malay, why couldn’t I just use one common language that everyone could communicate, just like English that communicate practically everywhere!  Mom just told me that, three is better than one, it would benefit me in the future.  Yet at that time, I didn’t get the picture but anyhow I managed quite well in acquiring all three languages.  Until one day, I raised the same question again to an elderly friend, he said, “if you only know English or Chinese, you only know one third of the world, but if you know both English and Chinese, you have known two third of the world and the other one third is for other languages….”,

finally, it makes sense!

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“Kill two birds with one stone” (#52/100)

by Riitta Juusenaho, TAKK

This old saying definitely hit my button, as I was invited to give a speech in the 5th National Initiative Education Forum in Beijing and  Principals´ Forum of Guangzhou-Hong Kong-Macau Big Bay Area last month. What a great opportunity to advertise our Educational School Camps! Free!

So Ms Jin Muranen from GTE (Global Tampere Education) and I jumped on the plane. In Beijing it was nice summer weather but in Guangzhou we were hit by the tropical heat. Two ladies from the frosted North to a 38 Celsius degree heath, oh boy, oh boy. But we fought like Finns do.

Global Tampere Education well presented in Beijing

When you go to seminars in China, you will soon find out that there are not ten, but hundreds or even thousands of people in the audience, and they are really interested in what you are saying. Especially when it comes to the Finnish education.

For me as a former teacher and a principal, it is always very strange how things that you as a Finn find as a matter of course in schools are new innovations and confusing phenomenons for others. For example school camp pedagogy. Or learning outside classrooms and school buildings or the deep trust between teachers and administrators. Or the lack of inspection system in our schools. Continue reading

Memories, Memorandum and Memoirs-to-be-written some day (#51/100)

International Forces behind agreements

Today in China, TAKK is signing a Memorandum of Understanding on making something great. Pls see the news. As this blog is first, the place for memories. Lovely, experienced, compassionate and understanding expert is a valuable thing in accomplishing something across the continents together. Memories of our partners in Guangzhou, make past AND present so sweet. In the photo, OUR Mrs Song. A true and a beautiful song, indeed. Continue reading

Sino-Finnish Implementation – pls join! (#47/100)

First group of Sino-Finnish Experts in Beijing 2016

Networks and competence for the China education ”connoisseurs” of Finland and vice versa, this is what the Sino-Finnish Education Research Centre (SFERC) coordinated by the University of Tampere (UTA) arranges, this time in the form of a capacity development training programme in August. TAKK is part of the group of institutions organising the workshop. UTA, TAMK and TAKK in the Finland end host professionals, who are already engaged in or who aspire to work on Sino-Finnish education cooperation. Beijing Normal University, National Institute of Education Science (NIES), National Academy of Education Administration (NAEA), Peking University, University of Science and Technology Beijing and Jiangsu Agency for Educational Evaluation. Heavy team of experts, I would say! Continue reading

TAKK quality training for Guangzhou Panyu Polytechic in China (#12/100)

Satu Neuvonen and Jan Wichmann training in China

Satu Neuvonen and Jan Wichmann on wonderful education tasks in Guangzhou

by Jan Wichmann, TAKK

TAKK trainers spent a week in China with 30 senior staff members of the Guangzhou Panyu Polytechnic (GZPP). The topic was to introduce to GZPP the European quality management model EFQM. TAKK has successfully implemented EFQM in its own quality management program and achieved by it the MEC quality award in November 2016. GZPP is aiming to streamline their future quality work around the EFQM model. Continue reading

Finnish VET Quality is the Choice in China (#2/100)

TAKK will carry out a Quality Management further education programme for an education partner and customer in Guangzhou of Southern China in early 2017. The participants of the programme want to develop their knowledge, tools and skills to redesign the quality management system of their institution. Continue reading