Sino-Finnish Implementation – pls join! (#47/100)

First group of Sino-Finnish Experts in Beijing 2016

Networks and competence for the China education ”connoisseurs” of Finland and vice versa, this is what the Sino-Finnish Education Research Centre (SFERC) coordinated by the University of Tampere (UTA) arranges, this time in the form of a capacity development training programme in August. TAKK is part of the group of institutions organising the workshop. UTA, TAMK and TAKK in the Finland end host professionals, who are already engaged in or who aspire to work on Sino-Finnish education cooperation. Beijing Normal University, National Institute of Education Science (NIES), National Academy of Education Administration (NAEA), Peking University, University of Science and Technology Beijing and Jiangsu Agency for Educational Evaluation. Heavy team of experts, I would say! Continue reading

TAKK quality training for Guangzhou Panyu Polytechic in China (#12/100)

Satu Neuvonen and Jan Wichmann training in China

Satu Neuvonen and Jan Wichmann on wonderful education tasks in Guangzhou

by Jan Wichmann, TAKK

TAKK trainers spent a week in China with 30 senior staff members of the Guangzhou Panyu Polytechnic (GZPP). The topic was to introduce to GZPP the European quality management model EFQM. TAKK has successfully implemented EFQM in its own quality management program and achieved by it the MEC quality award in November 2016. GZPP is aiming to streamline their future quality work around the EFQM model. Continue reading

Finnish VET Quality is the Choice in China (#2/100)

TAKK will carry out a Quality Management further education programme for an education partner and customer in Guangzhou of Southern China in early 2017. The participants of the programme want to develop their knowledge, tools and skills to redesign the quality management system of their institution. Continue reading