TAKK Interpretation Trainer Team Rewarded by AMKE ry (#89/100)

Community and Court Interpreters are heard not seen. The profession aims at interpreting services in situations

TAKK Interpretation Team Soile Mäkiranta, Tuija Hildén and Ekaterina Tsavro

between the ethnic minorities and the mainstream authorities or public service providers. It is a service that enables communication, overcomes barriers and creates understanding in essentially important areas of life. The services involved in community interpretation are typically localisation to the municipalities, social and health care, education and various legal matters.

There are many competence areas a Community Interpreter or a Court Interpreter needs to master. Both languages of communication, the contextual public services – to interprete the situation correctly, the technique and methodology of interpretation, to name just a few areas. TAKK Interpretation Trainer Team has developed everything from the beginning themselves and has also been involved in making the requirements for the qualifications, and now after only 10+ years later, the team is a national level expert in both areas of interpretation. The interpretation language selection is very wide in TAKK, the team have focused on bringing in very rarely spoken languages in addition to the most common ones.

The Finnish Association for the Development of Vocational Education and Training AMKE rewarded TAKK Interpretation Trainer Team members as exemplary immigrant and integration trainers. The team of Ms Tuija Hildén, Ms Ekaterina Tsavro and Ms Soile Mäkiranta have developed something very unique and extremely beneficial for the wider society in Finland. In the recent years, we have seen an increasing number people moving to Finland and these services are crucial for the target group.

This team has now been seen – very clearly – as they have earned to be.

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