Fathers of Finland (#86/100)

What a day, Father’s day. Let’s look at fathers of Finland.

Statistically, 57,3% of Finnish men are fathers, two out of three. The average age of becoming a father in Finland is 31 years. One father has in average 2,25 children and fathers spend in average 4 hours and a quarter with their children under the age of 10, every day. That’s a lot! See ”Isät tilastoissa 2017” and ”Isät tilastoissa 2016” by Tilastokeskus, Statistics Finland.

Historically and socially, fathers and fatherhood came into the picture strongly with the 1960’s and 1970’s, sharing the parenthood with the mothers. 1990’s brought the fathers into the estrade and publicity through ”I stories”, me as a father. Still today, it is the ”Time of the fathers”, as for example Ilana Aalto has shown in her thesis.

Father’s day is every day. One can become father in so many ways. For example biologically, through adoption, through spouse or other form of life events. When talking of the father of the nation, definitely the talk turns to our president, Mr Sauli Niinistö. That, too is parenthood. Many great men of the past times have been fathers of this and that, to mention a few, fathers of literature, of society, of law or of community. Taking care, participating, caring and also needing the children there, whoever they are, is fatherhood. I’d say that our Finnish fathers in Finland of 100 years are very ”pro” in so many ways. Not only in fatherhood.

Happy Father’s Day to everyone!

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