Volleyball Team of TAKK, the Glue and the Clue (#83/100)

Champions of TAKK

by Ulla Virtanen, TAKK

TAKK trainer of construction, Mr Tuomo Roppola, has played volleyball for more than remarkable 40 years. He had the passion for volleyball already in his school years, but when he found a great community college team of rather experienced players of all ages, at 19 years, and when he also noticed he had skills good-enough for the competence level, he joined the team, – As novice, Tuomo adds. Learning from the others, learning to develop speed and master the techniques, made him a great team member for all his years in Oulu region.

In the days 20+ years ago, sports were still the right of everyone, not the privilege of some. In addition to volleyball, Tuomo played tennis, football and bandy (jääpallo). Moreover, he skated and practised running. Still, the passion for volleyball stayed strong. In one of his workplaces, he managed to have the employer build a volleyball field!

Tuomo is a member of the TAKK volleyball team. TAKK trainer Mr Seppo Mutkala is the captain of the team in the tournaments and the whole team has some 12 TAKK staff members plus the external player members. Once a week the team practices in Lielahti school. Certainly not for nothing: TAKK volleyball team is the champion of all adult education teams this year, in 2017. The last years have been a successful and the championships have been celebrated in TAKK many times.

I wanted to know, the glue and the clue of the TAKK volleyball team, what are they?

The annual tournaments tune the team and strengthen the team spirit. Absolutely. Getting closer to the games, the excitement grows and there’s more to the training (”reenit” in Tampere). The glue. But, staying fit, sharing the humour and also getting nasty at each other (”pottuilla” is the Finnish verb, ”to potato” – where ever that word came from…?) is the clue. There is no age limit, in either end and the novices are welcome. If someone puts pressure on you, it is you yourself and the one you find in the mirror. Just play it.


TAKK Men 2017 TAKKille jälleen lentopallomestaruus 2017

2015 TAKK Women

TAKK Men 2014 Aikuiskoulutuskeskusten lentopallon 2014 suomenmestaruudet TAKKiin 2014

TAKK Men 2013 TAKKille lentopallon SM-kultaa! 2013

TAKK Men and Women 2010.

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