Get Connected – The East and the West Combination (#82/100)

“Finally, it makes sense!”

by Tailee See, TAKK

When I was a teen, I used to ask my mom, why I should learn so many languages, Chinese, English and Malay, why couldn’t I just use one common language that everyone could communicate, just like English that communicate practically everywhere!  Mom just told me that, three is better than one, it would benefit me in the future.  Yet at that time, I didn’t get the picture but anyhow I managed quite well in acquiring all three languages.  Until one day, I raised the same question again to an elderly friend, he said, “if you only know English or Chinese, you only know one third of the world, but if you know both English and Chinese, you have known two third of the world and the other one third is for other languages….”,

finally, it makes sense!

Well, think about which social networking apps I should adopt, is just the same as learning languages.  According to Google, there are 10 most popular social networking apps like, WhatsApp, WeChat, Instagram, Viber, Snapchat, Messenger, QQ Chat, QZone, Line, and YY.  Some are familiar to me and some are not.

It is of course impossible to download all the top 10 apps on to your phone unless the phone itself has a huge memory space to spare. Another thing is do you really need all of them?  For me, even though I only have 2 of the top 10 apps on my phone, I think I’m well connected worldwide with my friends and family, business associates and my buddies from the company.  Too much will make you crazy!  Especially on special occasion and festive seasons, my oh my, that is the time where greetings messages flowing into your phone like hitting the jackpot and your fingers were busy fiddling up-down left-right in viewing and replying.

In my opinion, if we could have WhatsApp and WeChat apps on our phone, they will complete the two third of the world we are in today.  Just like the concept of learning the English and Chinese languages.  As you can see WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, which started from the west and it has about over 1.3 billion users, and everybody thinks that they are the best app to use, unfortunately when you travel towards the east, like China, you need another application that is WeChat, because in China WhatsApp will face some malfunctioning situation. WeChat has over 900 million users.  Thus, it is a Chinese multi-functional social media app!

Today, WeChat is known as China’s “App for everything”, besides its similar services as other apps have, it has much more functionality to offer.  Just imagine it like the red Swiss-Army knife that you use in camping.  What WeChat has amazed me is the TenPay (the Chinese version of PayPal) service, where users sync to their bank account and perform transactions via the app through QR coding and capturing.  No doubt, I have seen documentary about TenPay on TV, but seeing in real on how the Chinese in China using TenPay in their daily life, that tells me, hey this is happening and it’s not just a TV commercial!

Recently I visited Guangzhou on a job assignment, I have seen teenagers paid their McD meals, women paid their groceries and people paid their taxi fares just using QR scan on their mobile phone, practically in every shop in Guangzhou city the QR code stickers are visible to your eyes.  Wow! Moneyless era has started, your mobile phone is the ONE device for everything.  Or any new device still not known to me yet?

Looking into today’s digital technology world, as a common user, regardless of age, gender or cultural background, we have to stay up-to-date and sometimes need to join the bandwagon fallacy, not for the sake of in-thing but most importantly to get connected.

Since you have already known the west (WhatsApp), it is best to know the east (WeChat) as well.  So let’s get connected with the east and west combination!

What do you think?

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