Winter Overnight – What to Do? (#80/100)

Nirva fall: Oct 25, 2017

by Ulla Virtanen, TAKK

”Let’s be careful out there”, said the Hill Street Blues cop many decades ago in TV (remember?). Well, here’s the day to take it literally. Still yesterday we had the most beautiful fall season, pretty sunshine and clear though slightly frozen roads. Look today, snowy sceneries like in the fairytales and turning into the nightmares of all those on the roads and in the traffic. When does the winter come, ask the visitors? It comes whenever it pleases, this year it fell down TODAY in Tampere, as in many other places in Finland.

Nirva winter: Oct 26, 2017

What to do? This is the winter competence, this demands knowledge, skills and the willingness to adapt right now. Throw aside the summer sneakers, take in use the heavy boots with real winter shoe soles. Forget the nice silky scarf and dig out the woollen one that keep your throat warm and hopefully well. Forget the nice hairdo and put on the beanie, your head gives up 80 % of the heat of your body! To give up of fall right now means warmth, well-being, capability to act and to react.

Stay cool and keep warm.

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