Breath of Fall Season in Finland (#77/100)

Enjoy the fall season

All the yellows, oranges, browns and reds of the trees and bushes are now in the air and on the ground. It most definitely is the fall season in Finland and people are busy with fall gardening and new hobbies. This is the week of relaxation, fall holiday for the school children and time to see the friends and the family. Of course not all Finland is down. We say ” tsemppiä” (fighting spirit) to those who work this week.

Returning back home to Finland this weekend from China made me realise once again how beautiful it is to have all the seasons of the world. Fall, late fall, early winter, the Real winter, springlike winter, spring, backslash winter and then finally the summer. Did I mention the Indian summer? Yes, we have all the seasons and the kids know how to take them. Seasons just follow each other and the kids go with it, business as usual to the little folk. it is the adults who complain about the darkness, the misty mornings and the rainy black evenings. Make no mistake, we also complain about the too hot summer days (+25 >), the rainy days of summer and the winterlike springs.

What IF, we really just took our precious seasons as they are. We are masters in getting dressed for the weather. We know all about the layer dressing, we have our own rubber boots like Nokian, we have the pretty rain coats by Finnish designers. Let’s use them. Let’s defy the fall and make our way out of the door in the mornings and in the evenings. There is some fresh air for us there in the wild outdoors. Fresh air, the most valuable asset – in my mind – the moment I set my foot on Finnish ground returning home.

Take a deep breath of fall season in Finland.

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