Advisory Boards and TAKK – Case Well-being (#76/100)

Managers of TAKK in the meeting

The year is getting closer to the end and we have not had the chance to touch even half of the partner types we play with! Let’s tackle one of them today. Advisory board (neuvottelukunta) is the theme of this blog.

Advisory boards in general are bodies that give – as the name goes – advice to the organisations in question. They are by character informal, flexible and therefore influential, yet less authoritative and no way decisive. Sound too good to be true, but that’s what they are. Wise thoughts, concerns and opinions over a one big table together. The advisory boards are very important to convey messages and to plan for the future.

The Nursing and Care Advisory Board of the City of Tampere (Nursing and Care Managers) gathered together in TAKK quite recently. Two times a year the educational institutions are involved and this time TAKK played the host. TAKK Education Manager in Well-being Ms Kati Aimonen and Manager of TAKK Enterprise Service Ms Armi Hyvönen participated in the advisory board meeting on behalf of TAKK. The historical changes in VET reform and in national social and health care reform, plus the merger of the two big hospital units of Tampere were the topics of the day. One can only imagine how much experience, views, advice and initial plans were shared in the meeting and how beneficial this can be for our Well-being unit in TAKK. Well done and thank you for visiting TAKK.

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