Certificated Worklife – Certainly! (#75/100)

Certificates for Every Profession

A few years ago I heard someone (frustrated) person say: – Finland is a paper country. Paper, paper, paper. Everybody needs a paper.” Well ain’t that the truth, also in my opinion. We in TAKK also claim that Finnish VET is a combination of security, sustainability, creativity, innovation and professional competence. Well, what is this secure, sustainable, innovative professional competence certified with?

Certification (certificatum Lat.) refers to someone’s authorization to practice or do something. This authority may refer to being trained and being tested, or to having the credibility to do a specific job, due to the supervised experience in the task. There is abviously knowledge and competence to do a job. Also, the competence is valid for a specific time, before which it needs to be reconsidered, ensured and verified.

Did you know we have certificated professional training for – to name ONLY a few – Asbestos Analysers, Aerial Work Platform Operators, High Space Specialists, Hot Work, Live-lined Workers, Security Guards and Wet Room Waterpfoofing! Cool, right. You will certainly get certificates.

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