Week of Well-being (#74/100)

Well-being flows in TAKK

by Ulla Virtanen, TAKK

Have yourself a very merry and healthy week, if you are a student of TAKK, as all next week we offer porridge, butter, jam, milk or juice with only one (1) euro every morning. Get yourself some health advice and figures with our student health care or find yourself a sports hobby with partners like Elixia. Talk to the Outreach Work (Etsivä työ) team about all the things that may bother you in your serach for the job or study of your lifetime. It’s the Student Well-being Week in TAKK. It’s your week.

More than the sessions offered next week, take a moment to think through, what is well-being to you every day? Is it a tranquil breakfast? Is it a good run in the evening? Is it a nice chat about the day with your children? Or is it time enough to finish up a job – one at a time.

Nobody takes better care of you than you do. Please, do it well.

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