Learning Together – Fitted Glove (#67/100)

Happy for the Yhdessä Oppien series of trainings

Yesterday was a lovely day. Today was even better. TAKK started a wonderful new series of trainings for staff members in Intercultural Competence. Practical as VET is, so is this training. Right to the point: we want to make sure our students of immigrant background access the qualification-based studies and worklife smoothest ever and our teams of language trainers, vocational teachers, instructors, counsellors and planners in TAKK fit together like hand to a glove.

Why yesterday was so lovely?

We hade the first session, thanks to the head designer Ms Mari Poikolainen and many helping colleagues. Great discussive session, really.

Why today was even better?

Because from the morning to this moment in the afternoon at 15.55 I overheard and also helped solve many cases of information cuts and more chances to cooperate inside the glove in the themes of Intercultural Competence. Happy.

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