Handmade in TAKK (#64/100)

The creating team: Ilse Brandt (teacher), Emilia Suominen, Mari Salmela and Anastasia Petrova

Learning by doing, on-the-job training, learning at work – very familiar phrases for all of us in vocational education. Doing with hands, artisan work, handmade – all refer to the human touch and the creative mind we all possess, used to create something never-seen-before. Handmade is always interesting as a creation and unique as a product, no matter how many blemishes or ”beauty faults” (kauneusvirhe) it has. actually, the blemishes make the creation so beautiful, telling about the story of the artisan.

TAKK students in Interior decoration and surfacing created their stories of two spaces for our seminar just last week. One was a dialogue space, designed and built to highlight the importance of the discussion in the auditorium premises; drawing attention to where it belonged. Very green, very lush and so soothing. 10+ gave the internal customer to the students. The other was a Finnish education camp in the wilderness, with all the important elements: fire, lean-to (laavu), birches, bucket, berries of the season and camping gear. another 10+ from the other internal customer.

Camping inside TAKK

What is important in these handmade responses to the orders, is the independence of the implementors, the students. As the order had been made and the trainers had advised the students with the planning process, one had to trust the creation process and help only in certain material needs. One could not intervene into the process, the artisan is the king and the queen… There is a vision to reach and the end result is the unique creation. Hush hush the others, let the artisan speak with their creations from the bottom of their hearts.

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