Joining Forces – Stronger Together (#60/100)

by Ulla Virtanen, TAKK

Lumova and TAKK together

Returning from holidays, there it was. The news on Lumova, Hämeen kosmetologikoulu (Häme School of Cosmetologists) joining forces with TAKK – still continuing under the same name and as it’s own unit. Two approximately 50-year-old-ones are stronger together, more adaptable and more versatile. One hundred like Finland 100. This marriage is very much reforming the vocational education community in Pirkanmaa with combinable resources, possitibilities and opportunities – for all, the students, staff members and employers.

Going back three years, just before the Christmas of 2014, TAKK welcomed Tampellan Teollisuusoppilaitos Oy (so called TAMTOL) and has been enjoying the competence and the services of these very capable people in the technology sector.  Now, Tampereen Teollisuusoppilaitos Oy (Tampere Industrial Institute Ltd.) staff members, not only train specialised professionals to employers in Tampere region, but also are very much our dear collegues – which is wonderful.

We hope the same feeling catches Lumova colleagues. We welcome you to TAKK, Lumova.

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