Education Finland for All (#57/100)

Education of Finland is unique

The Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI) has now the task of boosting Finnish education export, with the new growth programme called Education Finland. Name is simple and nails down the concept. No doubt they are committed to the task.

More than the expected increase of education export turnover, I am interested in wittnessing HOW our brilliant education in all levels is turned into export service concepts. I am interested in seeing, HOW the providers are built into teams with bigger goals than themselves or their separate solutions only. Applications, education games, teacher education programmes – these are all great and have done wonders already, but what about the goals of outreaching the major target groups of learners with very little access to education, served in their own surroundings, in their own language and equipped with solutions fitted for their specific learning environments?

This is what the Finnish education is all about. Reaching all. Equality of learning chances for all. Democratic models for the masses. There’s the new market and there’s the core of Finnish education so far in the Finland for much more than a 100 years. I would not want us to be serving the richest and increasing the gap, but building bridges and making Education Finland really count because of it’s true colours.

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