Memories, Memorandum and Memoirs-to-be-written some day (#51/100)

International Forces behind agreements

Today in China, TAKK is signing a Memorandum of Understanding on making something great. Pls see the news. As this blog is first, the place for memories. Lovely, experienced, compassionate and understanding expert is a valuable thing in accomplishing something across the continents together. Memories of our partners in Guangzhou, make past AND present so sweet. In the photo, OUR Mrs Song. A true and a beautiful song, indeed.

From the shared understanding, secondly, in the document Memorandum of Understanding, we take the cooperation into something valuable for the others, our students and customers-to-be. It is the century of China and we very ”jiehun” (married) with our partners in Guangdong. And we love that.

As an old lady, I wish to write memoirs, the stories of the adventures, challenges, secrets and inventions of the lived years. Not like Narnia, but real stuff. However, not just any events become memoirs. Some of the days we wish to forget, some we want to just-not-remember, some have had real meaning and then there are The-Days-To-Be-Remembered. June 29th will be a shiny orange pearl in the necklace of memoirs.

Jintian, wo feichang gaoxing!

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