How did it go? Teacher-student in Tampere Adult Education Centre (#49/100)

by Elina Reunanen, Teacher-student in TAKK

First you learn –

Last autumn, when I started my vocational teacher studies in Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK), little did I know what as waiting for me! Fall semester went by doing homework, going to school twice a month and working at the same time. But this spring started the training, long waited but also scaring teacher training!

Two of my teacher trainings I did in the Tampere Adult Education Centre, of which the first one consisted of grouping exercises for security guard students. During the day they did different kind of grouping exercises, getting to know each other and themselves, and becoming a tight group overall. The feedback from the day was positive; although I was anxious about teaching adults for the first time in my life, they all participated open-minded.

– and then you teach, or vice versa?

The second teacher training was more traditional and took place in a classroom. This time I taught special needs assistant students about preventing social exclusion. I enlivened the day between slideshows with group work, conversation and using different kind of equipment (computers, tablet computers, posters etc.). I noticed during the day, that good planning and scheduling is crucial if you want to succeed.

For me the most important learning experience was when you teach adults, you must remember conversational style in teaching and benefit from students’ own life experiences. There are as many experiences in the group as there are students. Every teacher works with his or her own personality and I believe during this training I have now found my own style to teach.


Elina Reunanen

P.S. I took part in Experiential Outdoor Adventure Learning -project this spring, go and read more about it

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