TAKKCareer Booster in ON (#48/100)

TAKKCareeerBooster is ON!

by Ulla Virtanen, TAKK

Remember the hash code blog? Well, our TAKKCareerBooster (Erasmus+ application) has been accepted. This means, we can now send our students, staff members and Tampere Chamber of Commerce member company partners to European learning periods for the next two years. Starting in August – after our few holiday weeks in saunas and faraway cottages, the TCB team will get organised and start processing the candidate applications. Happy to do this!

The question is, why should you go?

Picture yourself in the everyday routine, things roll as ever. You try to wake up, you cook the coffee and sip it down while driving to work… Then you start the computer/machines/tools and do your stuff A, B, C. The same lunch, the same people, the same meetings and challenges. Well not like this, but you get the point. You are challenged in rather similar way daily, despite the work content.

Then, imagine yourself in the strange (but wonderful) country, with strange (but usually darker roast) coffee, with language, that your tongue just does not want to twist to, though your brain wants to do it; so the challenge is there. Then, you try to get your professional work done with these X, Y and Z factors and the brain is overloaded. Well, that is the meaning, you bend to directions you did not know you could. It’s not the strange language you speak, or the new scenery you enjoy, but the initiativeness and the adjustments and the creativeness that you develop. There’s your reason to go. Like my dad always says: Rolling stones do not gather moss.

Just go.

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