Steering Groups: TOITA Project Building Networks and Export Competence (#46/100)

Steering groups are part of the work in VET institutions. Participating in goal-oriented and discussive steering groups gives depth to one’s own workload and networks in the region. Steering groups members pass hopefully many visions and insights to the project team members.

TOITA (ESF) Project

The ESF project Talents of Immigrants to Activity in Tampere University of Applied Sciences develops integration service model, originally from the Hyvä alku Project of Kotona Suomessa. TOITA Project Pilot groups gather together immigrants of Tampere region in order to create export business know-how for the participants and for developing internationalisation opportunities for growing businesses, namely companies.

Greetings from the steering group meeting, latest of which we just had last week. One point I want to make here, arising from the adaptation plans that are made for each pilot participant. Though I am a language teacher, I must say, that it is not the language that is the biggest concern at all, though it is very relevant for the citizenship, but the local networks one has in the region and in the country to employ oneself or to be employed. This is the time of social media, LinkedIn and facebook. What you make the most of your childhood and early years of adulthood, you build networks.

Where and how do you build them in a strange new country?

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