A Small Story about Big Dreams (#43/100)

by Katja Vaulio

How I ended up to work at Expo in Kazakhstan.

Lovely Katja living a dream!

One day I remembered something weird from my childhood. When I was a little girl, I had only one dream: to travel. I dreamed about countries far away, about exciting adventures, different cultures. I dreamed that I could speak exotic languages and that I was brave enough to leave and experience everything that world has to offer. That was actually quite a weird dream, because my family didn´t travel almost at all. Neither did my friends or relatives. But my mother, she had two close friends, who went around the world and sent us postcards from exciting places. And so my dream woke up.

More than twenty years later I am here, soon going to Kazakhstan this time. In the end of year 2016, when I came back from Asia after spending there two months on holiday, I was almost desperate. My oldest dream about India had finally come true. And now – what would I do now? I had no dreams, only long, black winter waiting in front of me.

Katja & Taj Mahal

Then, in January, I got an e-mail from TAKK. It said so ” Would you be interested in working in Kazakhstan for 3 months, at fair? Would you like to send an application to us?”. My first thought was of course YES!! After that I started to think, what I actually know about Kazakhstan? I supposed they speak Russian and that was my main reason to leave. ( I have a very close connection to Russian language and culture, but this is already another story…) But to be honest, I didn´t know almost anything else. Well, soon I found out that neither knows anybody. It is difficult to find information about this country, which is the ninth largest in the world, and I couln´t even find guides about Kazakhstan, only one I found finally. Of course I have already started to write e-book about Kazakhstan to help other curious people.

Without knowing anything I decided to apply for this opportunity. It needed compromises, from TAKK, Finpro and my boss, and we also had to share this three months time with another Finnish woman. And during this all, I was so excited all the time – what would happen? Will they choose me or not?? But suddenly, I was again full of dreams and passion for life.

When I finally got the answer :” YES, you have been chosen”, I didn´t know how to be. I was so extremely happy! So full of excitement! So grateful! After all, I am still that little girl, who longed after adventures. I wanted to try my limits, to become a worldwoman. My soul has not changed during all these years. I am still thirsty for the world to be mine.

And, again, the world is really mine.

Here you can read in Finnish and Russian languages more about my adventures in Kazakhstan from July to the end of September:


Please, also study about TAKK students in Astana Expo 2017

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