Wrestling with Machinery and the Man Will Make It! (#42/100)

Remember I told how TAKK makes it easy for students to combine sports and studies easily and flexibly? This flexibility has made it possible for wrestler Jussi-Pekka Niemistö from Tampere to start studies of machinery in TAKK. Jussi-Pekka is a Nordic Champion in Greek-Roman wrestling (2012) and he has also experience from European and World Championships tournaments and tryouts. During this Olympiade, it’s important for Jussi-Pekka to push forward and aim for the prestige championships. However, a profession a man has to have. And this is the story ”how” it is done.

Jussi-Pekka will make it!

In the earlier years after high school, Jussi-Pekka had left some study applications in, but until early 2017, there was no match. What happened is now positive history. The Olympics candidates met with career counsellors and opportunity to study machinery in TAKK came up.

Jussi-Pekka’s study rhythm bends to the sports training period – sports comes first. He comes to school after the morning training by ten o’clock, studies until three in groups or under individual guidance, and then heads to the training halls. This goal-oriented man knows how to use his persistency in sports AND in studies. He will finish the qualification by the end of the year, creating his future. Go, Jukka-Pekka, Go!

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