Coffee Break (#40/100)

by Ulla Virtanen

It’s just not a coffee break.

Quickly, coffee!

The fast coffee lane

As the blog space is so tiny, I will go straight to the point: I think one of the wisest decisions ever in the past or in the future of TAKK, HAS been and WILL be, to offer a cup of coffee (or tea) to the personnel twice a day free of charge. (Well, sometimes there’s no time, and sometimes it’s almost three cups… large. Hey, some days demand for it.)

Coffee break, it’s always around 9 in the morning and always at 14 (not 2 pm). There are always some colleagues to meet and issues to take care of at the same time. But the work stuff is not the case, the break together IS. It has been studied by some wise professors, that a human being can only focus efficiently for 1,5 hours in a row. After that the thought slips, seriously. Well, there’s the time for the coffee break. And the talk. And the team spirit.

Coffee with a twist

TAKK’s coffee breaks, what’s so special about them? Oh, I need to mention one thing first: the funniest thing is, that in the busses, the 100-years-independent-Finns sit in the empty seats, as far from each other as possible. Whereas in our cafeterias, no matter how empty they are, we always sit together for the coffee. There’s no need for talk, but there’s hardly ever a silent moment. We’ve known each other for ages. What is also special, is the fast lane, the thermos-bottle-coffee for us, not to block the customer lane. And what is the best thing ever, is that the frustrations and the problems and the success cases are shared at the coffee table. ”What’s at the coffee table, stays at the coffee table”, isnt’ that how the saying goes? Or should go.

(And I don’t even like coffee.)

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