Happy Birthday, Dear Middle-ager! (#38/100)

Happy birthday!

There was a letter found in the cornerstone of TAKK Nirva Campus A building during the most recent renovations, with wonderful handwriting, very old-style letters – but clearly from a man, as the paper was all covered in motor oil… It was written by a 25-year old TAKK to TAKK 30 years later. We had the privilege to open it up today. It read:

”Dear TAKK, this is a letter from me to You… Are You happy? Are You well? Have Your dreams come true? Have You set up the TAKK family of colleagues who help each other and especially their students? Do you remember anymore, You wished to be the best vocational institution in all of Tampere for those who love their jobs, you know, the normal jobs with real tasks and not too much of theoretical blahblah. Are You practical? Do You welcome all walks of life, as You did at twenty-five? Or have you gone snobbish? I hope not, no, you could not. I wish you still care for the professionals of everyday life, as they keep the wheels of this country going. Happy birthday dear middle-ager!”

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