A Week in the International Office of TAKK with Melodies (#37/100)

by Ulla Virtanen, TAKK

Let’s hear about the rhythms and the melodies of the international coordinator’s week, as in so many vocational institutions in Finland. Greetings to you all lovely colleagues!

Videoing Sustainability Manager

  • Skype starts the week, fixing timetables and activities on producing Finnish vocational qualifications for foreign cooperation and learning about the guidelines from the Ministry of Education level. Done, absolutely useful and wonderful to hear how the other 10 institutions are doing. I hear spring marching in, ”we’re doing this for sure”.
  • Summer camps, planning programme models for the future activities of international students coming to Tampere region. Welcome all, I hear local music, the Manserock rhythm, they will have fun on Tampere.
  • Brazilian education needs, listening to the experts about the possibilities of Finnish-Brazilian education business. New direction. Isn’t that a band? Definitely not from Brazil, though.
  • Lots of visiting Chinese rectors, from Beijing, Guangzhou, Xi’an, Shanghai and Zhengzhou for example, buzzling morning with the sounds of the voice of our lovely interpreter, Ms Li.

  • Sales, an evening with the colleagues making Juha Sipilä happier and the The Competitiveness Pact come true, improving the competitiveness of TAKK with a burst. I hear a lot of coffee cups jingling and tinkling, as the day turns to later hours…
  • Videoing the Astana Expo 2017 material on Katja Vaulio, our one guide in the Finland Pavilion this summer in Kazakhstan, we hear the trucks and the lorries and the heavy waste crushers working while the interview is being recorded.
  • More Skypes later the week, on health care education for the Chinese and on Astana matters in a team, I hear lots of familiar voices, beter and worse lines of communication and of course the coffee cups.
  • As the week turns towards the end, we will hear lovely Basque visitors talking about the entrepreneurship training models, services and qualifications – returning to the European ground of sounds, hopefully in addition to the commonly spoken English, hearing more rare consonants of alveolar or dental tz, ts, rr of the euskara language – which I only read about in University of Jyväskylä some 20 years ago, How exciting!
  • Brussels ends the week with EU document analysis, plunging to the themes of apprenticeships, traineeships, codes of conduct and other EC/DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion matters. I hear very strictly classical sounds of Beethoven, Bach and definitely not of Mozart, my favourite.

The sounds of weekend? Listening to the butterflies’ wing movements… Time to unwind.

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