Finnish Educational School Camps (#36/100)

by Riitta Juusenaho, TAKK

Starting in 2017, TAKK offers foreign students Finnish Educational School Camps in Tampere region.

Studying is fun!

School Camps in Tampere

In one way or the other, the school camps are part of the activities of almost every Finnish elementary school. Since 2016, when the new curriculum of comprehensive schools was introduced, teaching outside classrooms was mentioned as a diversification of the teaching and motivation. According to its name, a school camp is a combination of camp and school life, where pupils / students are active actors and content providers.

In the Finnish pedagogical discussion, we often talk about extensive learning that combines the contents of different subjects into meaningful and better perceived entities. Learning takes place more often outside the classrooms and schools. The versatile and safe learning environment offered by the school provide a strong support for the growth of the pupil.

In Finland School camps are seen as an ideal place to learn more co-operation and interpersonal skills, to combine the knowledge and skills provided by different subjects to form meaningful wholes, to understand a sustainable way of living! In Finland, some of our high level educational knowledge has already been branded and it´s transformation and productization into the international market has been seen as one of the potential factor for enabling future economic growth.

TAKK´s policy for the future, is to create alongside the export of vocational education and training, a worldwide popular educational school camps program based on the Finnish curriculum. TAKK`s Development Team has designed four different thematic programs: 1) Adventure Activities in the Wild, 2) Science, Technology and Sustainability, 3) Wilderness skills and Adventure and 4) Media skills and Art.

Content of the Camps will be implemented in cooperation with the Global Tampere Education (GTE) network, which includes TUT, UTA, TAMK, TAKK, Varala Sports Institute and City of Tampere. All camps are conducted in English. The camps are mainly held in Tampere Region.

This new Tampere Educational School Camps program will be presented in Beijing and Guangzhou in the 5th National Initiative Education Forum in May 2017.

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