Figuring Out the Work in the Warehouse of TAKK Construction (#33/100)

Present when needed, Ilkka D

Ilkka Dahlstedt (right) with student Pasi Järvinen in the Warehouse

The 118 qualifications TAKK has rights to organise training for, make a very big warehouse for the learning and study material. All the sectors have different gear: warehouses of the different teams in metal, wood, cleaning, painting, guarding or car repairing take a new pile of things, sometimes very big things. Where are they stored? And who watches over the equipment? TAKK has a miracle man, a smiley man, Mr Ilkka Dahlstedt, to take care of the construction sector warehousing. Let’s hear our Ilkka’s figures.

For a young man Ilkka is (almost the double to his working years, but let’s not talk about it), having acquired almost 20 years of experience in warehousing, is a tough competence to crack. His 6 years of experience in Teräselementti Oy and 3 years in YIT before the 10 years in TAKK, has certainly prepared him for the job. The present task list has 35 different items to fill in the day and the list changes weekly and even daily. The physical warehouse actually takes 50% of his time and the rest of the TAKK premises the other half.

Proof of the happy service: The statue of smiling boy

Students engage 60% of his time, leaving the rest 40% to the staff members and external contacts. Phone rings sometimes 10 times a day, but more often some 40 times a day, flying him off to another task again. TAKK’s 6-7 vehicles, forklifts included, make him have daily rides to different places – sometimes not known in the morning. Isn’t he great? Despite all the great gear he has, the best part of his job – he says – is to see all the different customers daily and throw a line here or there.

I wonder how many lines per day?

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