Hospice as a Place of Life and Learning (#32/100)

by Laura Wilkinson, student of TAKK

Laura W. learning at work

Last summer, the first time I thought about applying to the secretary study program at TAKK, I had no idea where it could take me. But here I am now, having spent the last five months studying to be a medical secretary at Pirkanmaa Hospice. No matter how intimidating it is as an idea, working near death has given me so much I can hardly believe it.  So trust me when I say, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Workwise, I have wished to work at the healthcare domain for quite some time now. So, naturally, I was thrilled when I got offered the possibility to get my medical secretary certificate at TAKK in a fairly short time. With extensive five month work period it was made possible to graduate in only nine months. However, never in my wildest dreams would I have considered working at a hospice. I actually didn’t even consider it was an option. Lucky for me, Pirkanmaa Hospice approached TAKK for they were out on a hunt for a student of their own. And when my teacher suggested I would apply to be a part of the multi-professional group, I took it. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Pirkanmaa Hospice has been a marvelous place to learn. The staff is professional, warm and welcoming. It is a community that reaches beyond occupational barriers and works together as a big family. I have gotten a very well-rounded education in what it means to work in a hospice environment. My employer has allowed me to work on, and try my skills at multiple areas, far beyond what was originally agreed upon. And I have to say I could not imagine a better setting to have become who I am today, for the job has not only helped me get a degree but has, in addition, allowed me growth on a personal level.

As I am graduating in few weeks, I’m sad to say goodbye to Pirkanmaa Hospice and TAKK, at least for the time being. Together, with combined effort, they have proven how the co-operation between an employer and a school can work in a finest possible way and offer a student an experience they can draw from in their future professional endeavors.

You can learn more about the hospice at: www.pirkanmaanhoitokoti.fi

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