The Backside of Finnish VET (#30/100)

by Ulla Virtanen, TAKK

Things in their places

Everything in order

It is time of the Great Spring Cleanup. Rake the leaves, wash the windows, dust the garden furniture, vacuum the car, fill in the bicycle tires and tear down the shabby winter curtains. Facades need to look nice for the light-minded and the summer-lovers. We freshen up for the Finnish season of light and heat. (Well, +10, it’s pretty warm for 61° 29′ 53″ N, 23° 45′ 39″ E, Tampere, that is).

Facades are essential in construction design, as they say, they define the character of the building. Not true: I’ll say that just like the women look at men’s shoes and socks, I look at the backside of the estate, garden or building. It’s the seven dwarfs that wipe the dust under the rugs, not our guys and girls in Finnish VET. You won’t find our backside dirty – that is everyday quality. The backside of the Finnish VET is clean. See for yourself – these photos were my random test of TAKK’s backyard. Pretty clean, eh?

Always neat

Clean it is

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