Good Bells, Bad Bells (29#/100)

Good Bells, Bad Bells

Good bell, I hope

An old Finnish expression says: Hyvä kello kauas kuuluu, paha kello vielä kauemmas and the same in English, A good bell will be heard far, a bad bell further. Good experience and reputation is worth the effort in all customer service, not just to make happy customers, but also to avoid making UNhappy customers, who spread the word far too effectively. Pleased and content customers are the best one can get in business, also in education business.

TAKK staff members are all in a massive training and coaching programme this year. All of us reply to the questions: What do our customers want from us? What kind of experiences our customers absolutely need to have in order to be content and also recommend us to the others? What is the best one can get in TAKK and how do we produce that? Throughout the year, the multiple small teams work on the strategic topics of TAKK to recreate the customer experience to the new era of Finnish VET.

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